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German press: Oil near the North Pole and new sea routes fuel Russian and Chinese interest in the Arctic

German press: Oil near the North Pole and new sea routes «kindle» Russian and Chinese interest in the Arctic
Due to global warming, sea routes and mineral deposits in the Arctic have become more accessible, than before. These changed conditions are generating interest in the region of the major world powers and making the countries concerned about their security., having access to the coast of the Arctic Ocean.

Matthias Jauch discusses this topic in the article, published by the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

The Arctic has been frozen in ice for many decades, and its sea routes were closed to shipping. Naturally, this greatly hampered the economic development of the region, made it of little interest to the world's largest powers. But now climate change is melting ice. Already, the northeastern direction towards the Bering Strait has become navigable in the summer.. projected, that soon the same will happen in the northwest direction. This opens up new opportunities for the development of oil and gas and other fields in the Arctic..

German press notes, that in these changed conditions, the activity of Russia and China has increased beyond the Arctic Circle, and this, in turn, worries the "coastal states". At the same time announced, that the interest of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China "is fueled by oil near the North Pole and new sea routes in the Arctic". And no one else's interest is piqued?..

Global warming, as German journalists write, forces countries to change their security strategy in the Arctic.

The example of Norway is given in the article as one of such states., worried about the intensification of economic activity and the military strengthening of Russia in the Arctic. But at the same time, for some reason, is missed, that the Russian coastline in the Arctic in its length is incomparable with the Norwegian. Therefore Russia, like no one else, has the right to claim the title of "coastal Arctic power".

Germany's interest in the region raises even more questions., after all, this country cannot be called arctic.

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