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NATO naval exercise Poseidon 21 started in the Black Sea

NATO naval exercise Poseidon 21 started in the Black Sea
NATO naval exercises Poseidon began in the Black Sea 21. According to “Radio Romania”, the opening ceremony of the exercise took place in the Romanian port of Constanta.

The maneuvers will last from 27 February to 6 Martha 2021 of the year, the ships of the Romanian Navy will take part in them, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Spain, France and the US, NATO Standing Mine Action Group SNMCMG2 (Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group) and American Navy divers. The aviation component of the exercise will be presented by the French Rafale and the Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon. More than 700 military, 13 ships and 9 aircraft.

The main task of the exercises – development of anti-submarine and air defense, hydrographic exploration, detection and clearance of sea mines and improvised explosive devices. Joint forces will repel an air attack, enemy surface ships and submarines. The towing of the damaged ship will also be worked out., refueling at sea and first aid.

In addition to the marine component, a ground episode is planned in the exercise, during which the action of the joint forces of the military and police will be worked out during the undermining of a hydraulic structure.

Whether the Ukrainian Naval Forces will be involved in the exercises is not reported. Earlier, NATO said, that minesweepers from the permanent mine action group SNMCMG2 will visit the Ukrainian port of Odessa.

The exercises will be monitored by the forces and assets of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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