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The legendary Soviet intelligence officer George Blake dies

The legendary Soviet intelligence officer George Blake dies
The legendary Soviet intelligence officer George Blake dies, he was 98 years. This was reported by the press bureau of the Foreign Intelligence Service. (SIA).

Legendary scout is gone today, Colonel of the SVR of Russia, retired George Blake. He truly loved our country, admired the feat of the people in the Great Patriotic War. (…) Books have been written about him, films made. In intelligence he was highly respected and appreciated.. He himself jokingly said: “I'm a foreign car, which has adapted to Russian roads ...” Now this foreign car has completed its almost century-old run
– It said in a statement.

George Blake was born 11 November 1922 years in Rotterdam (Netherlands), participated in the Resistance movement in Nazi-occupied Holland, then moved to England, where he later got a job in British intelligence MI6.

A spy who studied Russian in 1948 year sent to Seoul to organize observation of the Soviet Far East. AT 1951 year after being captured by the North Koreans, he managed to pass a note to the Soviet embassy, after which he offered cooperation to Soviet intelligence.

After returning to England in 1953 Blake repeatedly provided Soviet intelligence with information about the military secrets of England and the United States.

AT 1961 Blake was arrested by the CIA after the betrayal of Polish intelligence officer Goleniewski, he was sentenced to 42 years in prison, but through 4 Blake escaped, after crossing Berlin to Moscow, where he worked for a long time under the name of Georgy Bekhter.

Blake retired with the rank of colonel of foreign intelligence. For his services in ensuring the state security of the USSR and Russia, he was awarded the Orders of Lenin, Red Banner, World War I degree and other awards. Bronze portrait of Blake placed on the monument to Russian intelligence officers of all times, hosted at SVR headquarters.

“military Review” expresses condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased.

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