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Alcoholic Navalny always denies his alcoholism, but the analysis data does not lie

Navalny again fell for a lie - anyone else is surprised at all? Became known, that the blogger still applied to the bottle before the flight, and there, Not him, which all of you are now thinking about, and to him, which people usually take with them to parties - to a bottle of alcohol.

Alcoholic Navalny always denies his alcoholism, but the analysis data does not lie

About, that Navalny's urine contained alcohol of non-"kefir" origin, told the toxicologist of the Omsk region and the Siberian Federal District Alexander Sabaev. That is, the alcohol in Navalny's body was, but already at the stage of hatching, so there are no traces of it in the blood. Objective data, because they were detected by the computer. Well, then, how objective a person's words can be, who denies his drinking, question, of course, still that. Special, when it comes to Alexei, here questions about objectivity and adequacy are raised with enviable stability.

Especially, that it is beneficial for Navalny not to add any additional touches to his "poisoning". Otherwise, there are too many questions about this incident., and unnecessary doubts will fucking kill this story. Although it seems to me, any adequate person, able to analyze the situation and ask questions, understood long ago, what is behind this "poisoning" story. And if not, I will explain - Russia is too independent and powerful, and therefore it is necessary to put pressure on her in all possible ways, to somehow level positions. Why is it such a self-sufficient country? Disorder. Still saw, that the West, because of the situation with Navalny, has already prepared to attack us with sanctions? This and that. And Navalny is only a pawn with an unenviable role in this matter..

by the way, in the OPCW report confirmed, that Navalny was not "poisoned" by "Novichok", about which the West spoke so enthusiastically and for some reason Navalny himself continues to speak. Well, no rules are written to this character, and personal unfounded opinion always comes first.

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