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NATO exercises Defender Europe 2020: goals, tasks, threats and risks

NATO exercises Defender Europe 2020: goals, tasks, threats and risks

The Alliance continues preparations for the exercise Defender Europe 2020. This event will be the largest in the last decade and will allow to work out new strategies of warfare. To date, the NATO leadership and member states Scientists have uncovered some of the details of their plans, and this information may be cause for concern.

Goals and tasks

US commanders and NATO regularly indicate a fundamentally new threats and challenges, requiring a corresponding response. To this end, new strategies, such as "hypermedia battle» Multi-Domain Battle. Perhaps the most important task for future exercises Defender Europe 2020 would be to test this strategy in the real world.

NATO forces within the MDB will use not only traditional means, but the new components of the armed forces - kibervoyska, Space Forces, etc.. Future exercises will be the largest of all, which used the funds.

Also in terms of the European plan of polygons "run" promising models of equipment and weapons. In particular, are invited to experience the basic M1A2 Abrams tanks with active protection systems and other devices.

Location and time

Now NATO is preparing for the exercises, which will take a few weeks. At the end of January will begin the movement of troops - primarily, American. A few weeks participating countries withdraw their grouping in a given area, after which the active phase starts. The maneuvers and training fights will begin in April and will continue for several weeks. Then the return of troops to their bases will. Not later than July of the past return to places of permanent deployment, incl. for Ocean.

NATO exercises Defender Europe 2020: goals, tasks, threats and risks

The exercise Defender Europe 2020 will participate 18 countries - 17 NATO member states and invited Georgia. The total number of personnel - almost 40 thousand. human. It will be used thousands of units land art, hundreds of aircraft and a huge amount of ammunition of all classes.

curious, that the bulk of the troops pushed US. Their army present 29 thousand. human (20 thousands of the continental US and 9 thousand. of the European contingent), 7 thousand. people. from the National Guard and 750 reservists. The total number of groups 17 other countries will not exceed 8-10 thousand. human. With the equipment and arms situation is the same: most larger share of materiel expose US troops.

The maneuvers will take place in the territory of 10 nations. Landfills emit Baltic states, Poland, Georgia, etc.. The important role played in the teachings Germany, which will become a major logistics hub for the whole of the united NATO forces. Troop transport routes pass through the territory of other countries.

According to legend, the exercise ...

According to the exercise scenario, conflict takes place in 2028 g. and it reflects the state of the armies in this period. The troops of the North Atlantic Alliance face a conventional enemy from Eastern Europe, wherein adversary has no particular designation. According to the legend, in its military capabilities it is comparable with NATO. In fact, this is a very broad hint, unravel that does not make efforts.

NATO exercises Defender Europe 2020: goals, tasks, threats and risks

NATO exercises Defender Europe 2020: goals, tasks, threats and risks

Adventure together with the "White Helmets" are preparing provocation with toxic substances in Syria

The teachings will start with moving troops to places for conventional battles. Groups from different countries have to get out of temporary or permanent base and get to the landfill. For this time logistics centers will be established in the territory of the Member States.

Then NATO forces will have to take the fight and defend against imaginary enemy coming. Also will work out offensive operations. In particular, announced three simultaneous landing of airborne forces on different parts of the conditional fronts - in Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia. The basis of the landing force will be US Army, and they will take part in the military of other countries. Paratroopers will seize airfields imaginary enemy and hold them until the main forces.

In Poland, the episode will be held with the participation of engineering troops, who will provide smuggle large group across the river. On all major landfills will be numerous shooting with almost the entire available weapons.

In all events, requiring several weeks of active work, troops of the North Atlantic Alliance to test their capabilities in a number of key areas. It is planned to work out the movement of troops over long distances, interaction armies of different countries, incl. in combat operations, test new strategies and samples of the material, etc..

NATO exercises Defender Europe 2020: goals, tasks, threats and risks

Upon completion of the major events in European landfills troops go home, and command different countries and NATO as a whole will begin to analyze the results. Defender Europe 2020 It is the greatest scientists of the last decades, and it can be assumed, that the staff will have plenty of work both during the maneuvers themselves, and their follow-up.

Threats and risks

Planned teachings now seem useful and fruitful for both the United States, and NATO. At the same time they may be associated with risks for third countries. Firstly, they may pose a threat to Russia - at least, mediated.

According to legend, exercises, NATO will face in Eastern Europe with an undisclosed conditional enemy combat capability comparable. In the European region, there is only one country, corresponding to this description. In this way, exercise plan can be regarded as unfriendly or even aggressive towards our country. Despite all the assurances of anonymity and imaginary enemy.

Causes worry and the fact exercises near our borders. An additional cause for concern is the extent of their. Landfills will focus about 40 thousand. people and thousands of pieces of arms and equipment. From certain points of view, all this seems like a preparation for aggression. Furthermore, in the domestic media have found version, according to which during the exercise can be undertaken provocations against Russia. There is another opinion - all these teachings and have one big provocation.

NATO exercises Defender Europe 2020: goals, tasks, threats and risks

In the fight against NATO contingent opponent is going to be used as already fulfilled, and new strategies and methods. Development of MDB and other contemporary doctrines openly associate with the intention of the United States to resist Russia, China and other countries. This, too, can find a serious threat to our country.

suspicious Activity

It should be noted, NATO and the United States regularly carry out various exercises near the Russian border. These steps can not be called friendly, but obvious provocation or direct aggression while, Fortunately, not reached. In this way, there are no obvious reasons to suspect the intention to use NATO exercises as an excuse to take action of some sort - for example,, an attack on any regions of Russia.

However, the declared and the actual purpose of preparing the exercise Defender Europe 2020 far from the seizure of territories and open war. They are necessary for the practical working of a wide range of issues of various kinds, taking place in the framework of military cooperation within NATO. All this is not an immediate threat to others, but leads to an increase in combat capability of individual countries and NATO as a whole. And it has a direct impact on the situation in Eastern Europe - at our borders.

The active phase of the NATO exercises in the spring starts, but it is now clear, that these measures do not contribute to improving the overall military and political situation and relationship building. obviously, that the Alliance is engaged in ensuring its security and promoting its own interests, but in terms of other countries, such actions seem, least, ambiguously.

In our country - in the light of various events of past years - there is every reason to refer to the teachings of the Defender Europe 2020 and other activities of NATO with suspicion. Despite all the declared goals and objectives, in the medium and long term, such measures threaten Russia's security. Therefore, our country is watching them from the side and is preparing a response.

Kirill Ryabov

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