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During an attempt to sabotage the American PMCs was in Crimea?

Dangerous doses FSB

Russian Federation so metered public information about the two attempts of terrorist attacks in the Crimea with the participation of Ukrainians, the situation only began to emerge in a more or less logical picture. As is known, 11 August FSB issued an official message that, that the two terrorist groups from Ukraine attempted to commit terrorist acts on the territory of Crimea, but they were offset by the forces of the Federal Security Service and border guards.

Then events began to develop on the basis of an avalanche. “merchant” reported, citing its own sources, that the detained Ukrainians testified, confessing, that they are in the Crimea on the instructions of the Chief Intelligence Department of Defense. FSB released a video of one of the interrogation of detainees, confessed terrorist intentions. Russian President Vladimir Putin made a very tough statement, and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev did not rule out a complete rupture of diplomatic relations between Russia and Ukraine. Poroshenko, one side, began frantically calls to the Kremlin to Putin. On the other hand, Ukrainian President “due to the provocative actions of the Russian Federation in the occupied Crimea and escalating its activities in the Donbas” He held a meeting with heads of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The official version of the Russian government - acts of terrorism, Ukrainian side loudly shouts “provocation” the Kremlin.

Yet a careful study of the history of a failed infiltration of sabotage and reconnaissance groups (DRG) Crimea shows, that no response is still too many questions. Who organized bookmark weapons cache under Armenian? Who developed an action plan for the DRG? Where are the other detainees from among the terrorists? The impression, FSB something unsaid. And at the same time demonstratively tightens noose on Poroshenko & Co - presented the first public citizens of Ukraine Egor Panov (according to public databases, he 1977 the year of birth, registered in the city of Zaporozhye region Energodar), then another Ukrainian Andrei Zahteya (1975 the year of birth, Borislav is registered in the Lviv region of Ukraine).

I.e, Russia's leaders used this scheme: first sounded the charge, then the FSB confirming makes videotaping detainees and weapons, Feds unveil further part of the video with the interrogation, where terrorists failed admit the charges against them. understandably, dosed supply such information immediately caused a lot of denials. for example, publications header “KP in Ukraine” reads: “Are ordinary driver will engage in sabotage?” (Egor Panov arrested before getting to the Crimea worked as a driver at the Zaporizhzhya NPP in Energodar). by the way, “daughter” “Komsomolskaya Pravda” on the territory of Ukraine for the full work out advocacy objectives of the Kiev authorities, fueling hatred of the Russian Federation and to justify the war in the Donbas.

Crimean vacation American mercenaries

And if it is not so?! Several knowledgeable sources confirmed Ukrainian, that in fact a terrorist group consisted of employees of private military company Academi (USA), and detained Ukrainians played the role of technical staff. But in the territory of Crimea Americans met the FSB, who disrupted a terrorist, one shot, delaying of the terrorists, and another portion of the scattered on the ground.

If this is true, Emerging picture, where the attempted terrorist attacks in the Crimea by the American mercenaries and shelling of cities of Donbass from the position of the Ukrainian army - links in a chain of provocations to provoke a military response from the militias and Russian. First a little history. Despite the frenzied propaganda, inciting hatred against Russia, Poroshenko has not ordered a full-scale offensive in the Donbas. And the current situation “truce under fire” ceased to meet the interests of the US as the main writer and director of the Ukrainian crisis. Ukrainian army, from June, intensified attacks in the Donbass, but the desired effect is not achieved, because no militia, neither the Kremlin did not succumb to provocations. Remained potential targets such, as the Crimea and Transnistria, among which, for obvious reasons, he has won Crimea. Except that this time, lost faith in the talents of the Kiev authorities, curators from the United States took the organization of act of terrorism in their own hands. But from the beginning it all went wrong - FSB officers have calculated and routed the DRG at the stage of extraction of weapons from a hiding place in the regions of the Armenian.

And this version of events is largely clarifies follow the history of champions. At first, it becomes clear, why Poroshenko immediately tried to contact directly with Putin. Ukrainian president wants to justify and give evidence, that the attempted terrorist attacks in the Crimea are CIA agents, PMC mercenaries from Academi, National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov and other, but not himself.

by the way, Poroshenko himself on the eve of the terrorist act prudently flew to Ukraine – first to leave, and then on an official visit to Indonesia. Therefore, a formal pretext to justify it has, because at the time of attempts to carry out terrorist attacks in the Crimea, it was not physically in the territory of Ukraine.

In its turn, The Kremlin and the FSB have chosen the tactics of metered release of information about the attempt of terrorist attacks in the Crimea. But Russian President Vladimir Putin by his harsh statement, in which virtually accused the official Kiev terrorism, as well as put an end to “normandskom formats” negotiations, Ukrainian political elite has led to a state of extreme nervousness. This is what explains the extremely hysterical reaction of the Ukrainian authorities. Poroshenko, Turchinov and others simply do not represent, What to expect next, but guess, that they can put the terrorists in the eyes of the whole world. And then the world will start to talk to them in a different way.

On the other hand, the biggest risk for the Kremlin - is to succumb to the military provocations of firing in the Donbass or terrorist attacks in the Crimea. But if official Moscow to present a mercenary from the Academi, it will seriously undermine the US image in the West.

AND, finally, The CIA and the State Department managed to destroy these two channels for talks, as “Norman format” and Minsk contact group, let the last few months they may not affect anything existed except in words. Therefore, in the relevant negotiations plane two versions of the story - or create a new format of negotiations with the new range of participants, or the Kremlin and the White House to come to a decision to negotiate directly, without attracting “episode cast”. Especially that Poroshenko and others of their words do not hold (cm. the fate of the Minsk Agreement, are not met). And as shown by the failed terrorist attacks in the Crimea, Kiev authorities are also little to affect.

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