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Information for holders

If you are the copyright of any material, link (any reference) which is available on this site, and would not want to spread this information by users without your consent, we will be happy to assist you, removing the appropriate links.

To do this,, that you have sent us a letter (electronic) which indicated to us the following information:
1. Documentary proof of your rights to material, copyrighted:
– the scanned document with the seal, or
– email from the official e-mail domain of the company owner, or other contact information, allows to uniquely identify you, as the owner of this material.
2. The text you wish to place, accompanied by deleted information.
Here you can specify where, and on what conditions it is possible to obtain information, references to which have been removed, as well as your contact information, so that users can get from you all the needed information regarding this material.
3. Direct links to pages on your site, which contains references to the data, which must be removed.

After that, during 48 hours, we will remove links of interest to you from the site.


a) We reserve the right to publish on the site of any information sent to us via e-mail, or via feedback.
b) We have no control over the actions of users, which can re-link to information, which is the object of your copyright. Any information on the site, placed automatically, without any control from any quarter whatsoever, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice of placing information on the Internet. but, in any case we will consider all your requests, for referring to information, violates your rights.
at) According to the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, reference to any data (Announcement), by her own, It is not subject to copyright (although it may violate “agreement to use the site”). In this way, it is not necessary to send letters containing threats or demands, as not having a real grounds.

*** Links to books in electronic form provided for reference only, copyright on the book belong to the authors of books.

Site also functions as a "Community" with "user-generated content" - content, user-generated) therefore, the norm p. 3 Article. 1253.1 Civil Code of the Russian Federation". The site also has a search function. (similar to google/yandex search engines).

We support copyright holders and are open for cooperation

If suddenly in the search there is a link to the material, which has:

  • Exclusive right to reproduce;
  • Exclusive right to public display;
  • Exclusive right to communicate to the public;

To avoid providing false information, as well as in accordance with the Federal Law No. 27 July 2006 g. N 149-FZ "On information, Information Technologies and Information Protection " (with changes and additions).

Please write an application to the email address:



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