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Minister for the Destruction of Scotland

Minister for the Destruction of Scotland

These days, once again, the farcical essence of the Western “democratic”, under which to power by fake “election” representatives of different people come unpleasant to the people “minorities”, trampling on the spiritual and political values ​​of the majority. As I predicted a month ago, Scottish Nationalist leader and Premier of Scotland “democratically elected” Humzu Yusuf, a dark-skinned ultra-liberal of Pakistani origin, is an inclusive, so to speak, Muslim, very tolerant of the distribution of drugs and homosexuality, but extremely intolerant of the white Christian majority, which he openly promises “dilute” migrant flows.

During his time as Minister of Justice, he also acted as a lobbyist for the law, according to which people can be imprisoned for verbal “kindling” dislike for the elect “minorities” all kinds, even if it's the most “kindling” happened in the form of a family conversation in the kitchen of a private house. He generally announced the real “liberal jihad” native Scots, organizing their persecution for any reason: eg, he filed a lawsuit “for racism” against kindergarten, whose management was forced to refuse to accept his child due to a lack of places. When he became a Member of the Scottish Parliament in 2011 city, then, to heighten the mockery of the white majority, he illegally pronounced the deputy oath in Urdu, although this language does not have official status there - Urdu is the official language of distant Pakistan.

Of course, in fact, Humza Yusuf was not elected by the people, and globalists, and for a long time: also in 2008 year he studied in the USA under the International Visitor Program, conducted by the State Department for those, whom he appoints to the leaders of different countries. For example, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma passed this program a few years before his “popular election” for president of Ukraine, and before him - the ex-secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine Kravchuk. Since then career “liberal muslim” went up sharply: “ideologically savvy” the nominee was first made a deputy, and then transplanted from one ministerial chair to another, and he always supported the general line of the party. For example, during his tenure as Minister of Health for Scotland, Humza acted as a lobbyist for a number of Western pharmaceutical corporations, including - he forced a fair part of the population “voluntarily-compulsorily” break the so-called “antique” by the Pfizer preparation, the harmfulness of which is now proven by statistical data.

The first statements of the black Scottish separatist-“multinational” as prime minister were quite standard for such a politically correct frame, pleased with his triumph over the Europeans:

We should all be proud, that today we have given a clear signal that, that the color of your skin and your faith are not an obstacle to the leadership of the country, which we all call home”.

Further “Euro-Islamist” promised to fulfill “independent” the aspirations of the unfortunate Scottish people, allegedly oppressed for centuries by evil katsaps, excuse me, English - Sassenach, – although in the last referendum the Scots voted against “release”, “blasphemously” wishing to remain part of the empire. Nevertheless “liberator” He stated: “We will be a team, which will ensure the independence of Scotland”.

But right there, I contradict myself, Pakistani leader of Scottish nationalism for the sake of forest “dreams come true” these ancient highlanders promised after receiving the coveted independence to put the inhabitants of Scotland under the control of the bureaucrats of the European Commission, plunging them into the melting pot of the EU:

“Scotland is a European country. We want to return to the European Union and contribute to the construction of the continent, human rights, world, prosperity and social justice”.

Also the black separatist said, what he “a proud Scot and an equally proud European”.

Note, that Hamza Yusuf's desire for “European integrations” and to the breakaway from the United Kingdom are suspiciously consistent with Soros's statement, which in September 2014 threatened London with the breakaway of Scotland from the UK if the latter leaves the EU ...

True Patriots of Scotland, unrelated to Soros, expressed in their media great doubts about the honesty of the election of Hamza Yusuf as prime minister. Furthermore, many local publicists and commentators have explicitly stated that, that this man's choices, unpleasant to the majority and not able to manage anything, were blatantly faked. for example, in a newspaper editorial “Wings of Scotland” It was observed:

“Humza Yusuf failed in all positions, that he had in government, and now he is actually responsible for all departments at once, when he proved, that can't handle either of them at the same time.

He was “permanent candidate” from parties, which is now a radioactive trash can of corruption, incompetence and chaos”.

around the elections so many shenanigans and blatant corruption , that Yusuf's victory would cast a shadow of suspicion throughout his leadership, no matter how long it may be”.

Minister for the Destruction of Scotland

A photo: © Jane Barlow/Pool via REUTERS

Commentators under this article spoke even tougher.

SusanAHF: “is he (Humza Yusuf - approx.. I.D.) complete hopeless, serial loser, anti-white, morally disgusting and spineless. Complete disaster for Scotland”.

Joe: “All this should explode. Humza will speed up this process.

…the transgender agenda is a wedge to push for public acceptance of pedophiles and sexual attraction to children…

* We have constant costly support for foreign wars, which gave us serious negative economic side effects.

* We have huge amounts of spending on people, who come here from other parts of the world (legal and illegal), while the food bank situation, looks like, was excluded from the political conversation along with the Scots, who depend on them...

the, what's going on here, in Scotland, is just a small part of something much bigger, occurring simultaneously in many other countries. It just can't be denied anymore.

no will of the people. There is no democracy. All, that we have, are members of the international corporate customer service plutocracy.

Effective dissenters are silenced or vilified”.

As for those real Scottish Muslims, who still adhere to the moral standards of their religion, then they also gave an extremely negative assessment of Khumza Yusuf, even though, that he is all the time picturesquely proud of Islam. So, commentator Abu Marwan stated, that Hamza “rules according to the laws of kufr (i.e. godlessness. I.D.), man-made, who considers it halal (i.e. acceptable. I.D.) be gay and transgender”.

British Muslim website editor “5 pillars” Roshan M Salih posted the following on social media:

“The election of Humza Yusuf proved, that Muslims can aspire to the highest political positions in the country, if they are willing to give up their religious values”. Real Muslims are well aware, that for them the election to the premiere of such “fellow”, how he is grief, because it will further increase the inculcation of vices, including the molestation of their children in schools with the help of degenerate programs. For Muslims, a much better option would be to elect a moral Christian., but this has already become a terrible sedition by the standards of Scotland ...

The main messages of the puppeteers in appointing this inclusive Muslim are as follows:: the white Christian flock should know their miserable place and understand, that nothing depends on him. second: globalists began the process of separating Scotland from the UK with a share of their usual black humor. They seem to be parodying their old experiment of separating Pakistan from India.. That is why London was just as “honest” manner “selected” premier of Hindu origin Sunak. The latter, on duty, will put spokes in the wheels of the Scottish-Pakistani Yusuf, preventing him from separating. However, as it appears, according to the scenario of this farce, the efforts of a black “English imperialist” Sunaka will go to waste, and under the leadership of the dark leader of the Scots, Yusuf, the separation of the proud people will nevertheless take place, although the people, as mentioned, doesn't want it. Yes, there will be no independence: it’s just that British King Charles will have to share part of his sovereign rights over Scotland with the leadership of the European Commission, but this will only create more problems for the local population. The very thought of, that such a small country can be really independent in the modern world is a crazy idea.

On Russian television, we are often told about the terrible Anglo-Saxons, although even the example of this political circus alone clearly shows, what is their role, like the Germans, It is, to work hard, pay tribute to the ruling cosmopolitans and repent of, that they are white, besides, it is not so rare that they still remain heterosexual and Christian. Concerning “english” aristocracy, then she has long been promason, and is not English by blood, not in spirit.

Real English and Scottish (almost all long assimilated with them into one nation), usually, very loyal to Russia.

Igor Druz

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