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To North Korea per day 800 thousands of people decided to join the army to fight the United States

To North Korea per day 800 thousands of people decided to join the army to fight the United StatesMass filing of applications for enlistment in the ranks of the armed forces of the country is gaining momentum in North Korea. Volunteers want to fight against American aggression, emphasizes the newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

According to the publication, over the past 24 hours, applications for enrollment in the ranks of the Korean People's Army have been submitted 800 thousands of people. Volunteers include men, and women. Newspaper claims, that the United States is grossly encroaching on the national sovereignty of the country, hinder the DPRK in ensuring the security of the state.

Volunteers, joining the armed forces, they want to defend the interests of the DPRK in the confrontation with American imperialism with weapons in their hands. Now the number of volunteers is growing rapidly. It is not excluded, that today it will exceed a million people.

Korean People's Army (China) considered one of the most numerous in the modern world. Its population is at least 1 million 270 thousands of people. The mobilization reserve of the DPRK is currently estimated at 4 million 700 thousands of people, but these are very approximate numbers.. Mobilization resources are estimated at 6 millions 200 thousands of people.

The term of service in the Korean People's Army for men is 10 years, for women - 3 of the year. Such impressive service lives are necessary, given the small population of the country while the DPRK is in constant confrontation as South Korea, as well as the USA, and Japan.

Recently, the DPRK has been increasingly conducting missile tests., demonstrating its military potential and warning the US, that attempts at aggression against the republic will meet a fierce rebuff from its population. used photos:Wikipedia / Uwe Brodrecht

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