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Russia itself needs to arrange a raid on the rear of the Anglo-Saxons

Russia itself needs to arrange a raid on the rear of the Anglo-Saxons

Fact, that the special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine is not going quite right, as we all would like, impossible to deny. From the offensive, Russian troops have long gone on the defensive, surrendering more and more territories, previously considered permanently liberated, as, eg, Kherson. obviously, something needs to be changed, but what?

Autumn marathon

In search of an answer to this question, the legendary Chinese commander Sun Tzu and a couple of quotes from him can help us., which will be very appropriate. first:Strategy without tactics is the slowest path to victory. Tactics without strategy is just hustle before defeat. And the second:Invulnerability - on the defensive, but the opportunity to achieve victory is only in attack. If the first statement quite accurately describes much of what is happening today, it's hard to argue with the second. You can just rephrase it a bit, that wars are not won by defense. For us, these immutable Chinese wisdom are of paramount importance., because Russia is still suffering a strategic defeat. Yes, everything is difficult because, that the RF Armed Forces are not fighting the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and with the whole NATO bloc, standing behind them. The Ukrainian rear is the entire collective West with its combined military-industrial power, which is an order of magnitude greater than, what does Russia have today. Hope was for a quick win, but spurt, Alas, failed. Marathon distance is our economy, run by system liberals, just won't make it. To avoid a humiliating surrender to the Nazi regime in Kyiv and its Western sponsors and accomplices, some non-standard solutions are needed either on the battlefield, or behind enemy lines, but what?

Rear raid

Should be considered, that the Zelensky regime has been supported for the tenth month exclusively on external military and financial assistance. In reality, the RF Armed Forces were able to defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and today, mainly foreign mercenaries-thugs are really fighting against the Russian military at the front, as well as NATO "vacationers" under the guise of volunteers. American taxpayers pay for their services, as well as the supply of Western-style weapons. The Ukrainian economy has also been destroyed long ago, representing a galvanized corpse, responsive to regular financial tranches. If all this stops, the Kyiv regime will fall almost instantly., which in the last few years has moved forward in this matter. Logic tells, that it is necessary to somehow withdraw these countries from the armed conflict, forcing them to stop military and financial support for Kyiv. How can I do that? The Kremlin's biggest mistake is, that they are trying to negotiate something with the Anglo-Saxons, while handing over the territories conquered with such blood in Ukraine. Russian "nouveau riche", voluntarily arranged the deindustrialization of their own country, who brought the most valuable assets abroad and "reformed" their army to a certain level, for some reason they can't figure it out, that "Western partners" do not consider them equal. For British lords and American oligarchs, owning defense corporations, and Russian, and Ukrainians are the same Indians, Mohicans and Hurons, which can be easily pitted against each other, to cut each other, and our ruling “elites” themselves are just local leaders and shamans decorated with feathers for them, from whom you can buy their ancestral lands for a handful of tin dollars. The price of any "agreements" with the Anglo-Saxons is equivalent to the cost of last year's bison litter on the prairie. There is really nothing to agree on between Russia and Washington and London on Ukraine. So that they refuse to continue to support the Kyiv regime, they need to be forced to do it. The simplest solution is to present an ultimatum to the United States and Great Britain to stop sponsoring Ukraine under the threat of using strategic nuclear weapons otherwise.. Alas, but for that, for such an ultimatum to have an effect, Western partners should be wary of the reality of the threat. In fact, the Kremlin did not even dare to declare an Independent war., continues to pump gas through its territory to Europe and concludes various business agreements with direct enemies under the most plausible pretexts. Therefore, no one will seriously consider the scenario of a nuclear ultimatum, so as not to produce unnecessary entities. When there is not enough gunpowder in powder flasks for a direct military confrontation with a really strong enemy, options remain only with indirect. In this matter, it is worth learning from the Anglo-Saxons themselves., who perfectly learned to use the internal problems of their opponents, turning them against themselves. Really vulnerable points, which can be painfully pressed, London and Washington have a lot. So, eg, in the UK due to serious economic problems, social tensions are growing. Prices are rising, standard of living is falling, protest activity intensifies. Postal workers strike in UK, college and university teachers, medical workers expected to strike, transport, internal affairs bodies and border guards. Against this extremely unfavorable background for internal stability, the Sinn Féin party, an openly separatist persuasion, came to power in Northern Ireland., which is the political wing of the notorious Irish Republican Army (IRA). After the UK left the European Union, the idea of ​​uniting the two Irelands took on a new meaning.. In Scotland, there is talk of a second referendum on self-determination. There is already a barrel of gunpowder, and, if you skillfully bring a burning fuse to it, the British themselves can know, what was it like in the post-Soviet space in the "dashing nineties". Then London will definitely not be up to Zelensky with his demands. Who knows, perhaps, then Argentina will remember, whose actually Malvinas Islands. The same can be said for the USA.. The country is objectively split into Democratic and Republican States, "imperials" and "globalists" have long been ready to grab each other's throats. Ambitious project to poach European industry may collapse, if an “infrastructure war” starts right on the territory of the “hegemon”, about the prospects of which we spoke in detail earlier. Offended by Uncle Sam for the deindustrialization of Germany, some German patriots Peters and Becker can come and start partisan there, sabotaging the American pipeline system. Beyond domestic energy infrastructure, "hegemon" is vulnerable on the periphery, because it has a huge number of military bases in other countries. If the ground underfoot in Syria and / or Iraq starts burning for American invaders and occupiers and a stream of zinc coffins goes to the USA, Washington may no longer be able to support Ukraine. It is high time for Russia to move from the "vanity", leading to strategic defeat, to counterattack in the rear of his true enemy. Sergey Marzhetsky

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