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UK imposes sanctions on British journalist Graham Phillips

UK imposes sanctions on British journalist Graham PhillipsBritish journalist Graham Phillips, working in the Donbass 2014 of the year and covering the events in Ukraine in a light that is objectionable to Western countries, got sanctioned. The UK has taken action against him..

Britain for the first time imposed sanctions against a citizen of his country, thereby becoming like Ukraine, which introduces restrictions against its citizens in batches. reportedly, London freezes journalist's bank accounts. Phillips accused of creating content, unsatisfactory to the West, because the journalist and blogger wrote the truth about the war in Donbass.

Graham Phillips – video blogger, who created and published media content, supporting and advocating actions and policies, that destabilize Ukraine and undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty or independence of Ukraine- British government said.

Graham himself stated, that official London did not bring any charges against him, but he knows very well, that his work as a freelance journalist is not to the liking of the British authorities. According to him, the British government does not have the courage to accuse him publicly, so they limited themselves to a message on the government website.

They just don't have the courage to tell me straight., so they go down to that level. This is absolute vile- said the journalist.

Graham William Phillips – British journalist and blogger, to 2015 of the year – employee of the Russian state TV channels Russia Today and “star”. Further – a freelance journalist.

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