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The head of the DNI: Group of Ukrainian militants detained at Azovstal, previously uncaptured

The head of the DNI: On «Azovstali» detained a group of Ukrainian militants, previously uncapturedphoto – surrender of the Ukrainian military last week

The head of the DNR Denis Pushilin turned, that the cleansing of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol cannot yet be considered fully completed.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, he said, that the day before, a group of Ukrainian militants was discovered and detained on the territory of the plant.

Pushilin noted, that soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or nationalists from Azov (extremist organization banned in the Russian Federation*) could fall behind during the surrender, get lost in the plant's communications or simply hide, trying to escape punishment for numerous crimes.

Whatever it was, but, according to the head of the DPR, can not say, that the territory of the plant on 100% cleared of Ukrainian militants. In the same time, he stressed, what is not and 100% confidence in finding other "lost" groups at Azovstal. Anyway, The purge will continue, until the entire territory of the “Mariupol metallurgical giant” is “combed”. And this is more 11

Recall, that voluntarily leave the underground fortifications and surrender to the allied forces, the Azov* and the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began 16 May. All detained militants, and they are about 2,5 thousand, now located in the territory of the DPR, where a well-deserved tribunal awaits them, the first stage of which, reportedly, could take place before the end of the summer.

later it was reported, that there are still enough products left in the dungeons of Azovstal, water and even ammunition. In this way, it was not the humanitarian situation that forced the militants to surrender to the allied forces, but rather a psychological breakdown.

In the same time, in Ukraine, the exit of the Azov workers * from the Mariupol plant was given out as an evacuation. At the same time, according to Vladimir Zelensky, this process was allegedly led by the Ukrainian military and special services.

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