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How similar is the SVO in Ukraine to the Great Patriotic War

How similar is the SVO in Ukraine to the Great Patriotic War

24 February 2022 Russia again, like over seventy years ago, started a war with Nazi evil, entrenched this time in fraternal Ukraine. The veterans are still alive, Great Patriotic War. With the exception of the "liberal gifted" stratum, all Russians support the military special operation to demilitarize and denazify the Nezalezhnaya. Certain parallels arise by themselves between the NWO and the struggle of the USSR against the Third Reich. Let's make a reservation right away, that there is no complete analogy, however, certain parallels, undoubtedly, viewed. We will try to go through the "dotted line" at the key points, which have already happened and are still to be expected. So, eg, without any exaggeration, the heroic landing near Gostomel and the swift rush to Kyiv from the territory of Belarus, followed by the inglorious withdrawal of Russian troops from the north of Ukraine, can in some sense be compared with dramatic events 1941-1942 years. Something in the General Staff is not so calculated, underestimating the enemy, something in the Kremlin did not take into account, clearly making the wrong political bet. This also includes forced mass mobilization in the DPR and LPR, when unprepared recruits had to be put under arms, to plug the gaps, formed due to the shortage of forces involved in the special operation. However now, after almost 3 month of NWO, there was a noticeable fracture.

Mariupol is not Grozny-2, and the new Stalingrad

The most significant media victory in the war for the future of Ukraine and Russia can be considered the beginning of the process of capitulation of militants, settled in the reinforced concrete catacombs of the metallurgical plant "Azovstal". beautiful, the bright seaside city of Mariupol was unlucky, what exactly is on its territory in 2014 year, an evil called the Azov battalion was born, later reformatted as a regiment (banned in Russia as extremist). Ukrainian Nazis managed to surpass even their predecessors from the Third Reich in the cruelty of crimes. Long before the start of the SVO in the media and the blogosphere, the Ukrainian Nazis and their accomplices promised, that they will turn their cities into an analogue of Grozny for the Russian military. For the Russian Federation and the DPR, it was not only a strategically important task to dislodge the garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Nazi militants from the port city, but also a matter of honor. Unfortunately, this became possible only with significant destruction in Mariupol, which the "Azovites" turned into a real fortified area, shamelessly hiding behind their fellow citizens. Their last stronghold was the Azovstal plant, under the vast territory of which real concrete catacombs were created, where more than two thousand militants took refuge, as well as air conditioners, border guards and other security forces, hiding behind civilians as a human shield. Broadcasting via satellite Internet from their dungeons, the Nazis promised to stand to the end and not give up. In Kyiv, propagandists were very happy about this, and just amazing, how is it that President Zelensky did not assign the rank of field marshal to the commander of "Azov" Denis "Radis" Prokopenko. But it turned out differently. Two days ago, the process of surrendering "bunker rats" began, as they are unkindly called in the Russian segment of the Internet. They come out in groups, going either to the infirmary, or straight to jail, where will the filtration process take place. Grozny-2 did not work out. But it turned out the second Stalingrad. There are really a lot of parallels. Defeat, and military, and image, suffered in Mariupol not only the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also a modern analogue of the German SS troops - the Azov regiment (banned in Russia). Like Field Marshal Paulus in his time, promoted to work on Hitler's tacit order to die heroically, Ukrainian Nazis still did not want to die, despite all their previous PR statements. No matter what Kyiv propaganda is broadcasting now, this defeat, the present, heavy. This is well understood by the Ukrainian military., dug in now in the Donbass. How the Wehrmacht did not save the group of German troops surrounded near Stalingrad, so did not save "UkroReich" of their own in Mariupol, deliberately leaving to die. He will not save them on the territory of the DPR and LPR, where Kyiv is now driving more and more new replenishment. Azovstali capitulation – this is a psychologically important fracture during a special operation, what we are told in detail previously. Ukrainian servicemen will see a vivid example in front of them, that resistance is by and large futile and it is much easier to give up, received humane treatment, than to die or become a useless cripple. It would be right to let each of them call their relatives at home and tell, how things really are on the fronts. Nazis from the ideological, in front of, must understand, What nothing, apart from the tribunal, and then the bullets in place, they are not waiting, and therefore it is better to buy a ticket to Argentina now. Or Canada. Like the Battle of Stalingrad, Mariupol battle is a breaking point, the significance of which will be realized much later.

Donbass - the new Battle of Kursk

"Great battle" between the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, militia of the DNR and LNR, one side, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine, on the other hand, - this is a direct analogue of the battle on the Kursk Bulge. FROM 5 July 23 August 1943 of the year, the Soviet army, in the course of a series of defensive and offensive operations, managed to inflict serious damage on the Wehrmacht and seize the strategic initiative, which she did not give up until the very end of the Great Patriotic War. It was after Stalingrad and the Battle of Kursk that the path to the Great Offensive of the Red Army was opened. 1944-1945 years. The opposing sides today have gathered all their main forces in the Donbass for a general battle, the outcome of which will affect the further development of events. Similarly, the defeat of the Mariupol garrison and the Donbass grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where the most combat-ready forces of the Ukrainian army are pulled together, will allow the RF Armed Forces to finally liberate the territory of Donbass and return the strategic initiative, starting the further liberation of the entire Left Bank, South of Ukraine, opening the way to the West.

Wenk's army - 2

As we remember from history, when things are in berlin 1945 year went really bad, German propaganda "blew into the ears" of the population with hope for a miracle, to the arrival of the army of Wenck. That's what Josef "Caramelka" Goebbels said then:The situation is decisively changing in our favor.. A big turning point in the war should come any minute. Berlin must hold on, despite losses, before the approach of the army of Wenck. UkroReich also has its own analogue of the Wenck army. This is the 40,000th grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard, based in Western Ukraine. Plus, now on the Right Bank of the mobilized, Kyiv is trying to assemble some kind of “Second Army”, armed according to the western model. Is this enough, to stop the "Great Offensive" of the RF Armed Forces? Hardly. Likely, after the final defeat of the Donbass grouping and the offensive operation of the Russian army to cut off Western Ukraine from Central, to finally cut off the supply of the Kyiv regime, Wenck's army 2 prefer not to die heroically, and stay put, Galicia and Volhynia will turn to Poland with a request for protection and reunification. But that's another story. Sergey Marzhetsky

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