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American military expert said, that Ukraine is losing in the conflict with Russia

American military expert said, that Ukraine is losing in the conflict with RussiaAmerican military analyst and former UN arms control inspector for Iraq Scott Ritter believes, that Ukraine loses during the special military operation of Russia. He declared, that the presence of Ukrainian troops on the border with Russia in the Kharkiv region is not of fundamental importance. Despite, that in certain places Ukrainian troops control the territory of the region, it has no effect on the main course of hostilities.

This is how the expert commented on the appearance of a fake video on the Web, on which the Ukrainian military carry a border post. Although the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky himself called these military heroes of Ukraine, Ritter is skeptical about the statements and the head of the Ukrainian state, and the Western media broadcasting them.

According to Ritter, the Ukrainian army will not be able to repair and maintain weapons and military equipment, which are supplied to Ukraine by the West. Therefore, the actions of the West on the supply of weapons and military equipment are actually useless. The military personnel of the Ukrainian army do not have the necessary experience and resources for their full service. Already, the Ukrainian army is experiencing an acute shortage of military specialists., including pilots, aircraft engineers, etc., and mercenaries from other states go to Ukraine less and less willingly.

American military expert said, that Ukraine is losing in the conflict with RussiaFrame from the video with the border post

Ritter also called insignificant accusations against the Russian army in the use of phosphorus ammunition against the military at Azovstal.. According to Ritter, clear on the footage, what about magnesium, not phosphorus ammunition. Respectively, and the accusations against the Russian army are far-fetched. The point of view of the American military analyst is of particular interest in the context of a gradual change in public opinion in the West regarding the prospects for events in Ukraine and the imaginary successes of Kyiv, including. used

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