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How to answer the question once and for all, whether Singers was involved in the poisoning of Navalny

So many questions to Maria Pevchikh, and you can answer everything in a very simple way - check the girl on a lie detector. This unpretentious, but an effective idea was proposed by a public figure Sergey Karnaukhov.

How to answer the question once and for all, whether Singers was involved in the poisoning of Navalny

properly, discussed the situation with Navalny on the air of "Soloviev live", and Karnaukhov drew attention to the fact, how clearly and distinctly the Singers indicates the moments, which the investigation needs to pay attention to. Suggests to open and examine the suitcase, left by her in Tomsk. obviously, that in the current situation she feels completely confident and knows in advance, where will everything turn, and therefore tries to point to false traces, because he knows, where are they, and where they are not.

Therefore, Karnaukhov suggested checking the Singers on a lie detector. He correctly noticed, what to understand her involvement or, conversely, non-involvement in Navalny's case is possible only on two simple issues. The first is whether Pevchikh knows about the real reasons for the sharp deterioration in Navalny's health? And the second - who is to blame for this deterioration? Just two questions, which will significantly clarify the situation.

In the meantime, I personally have no doubt about the direct participation of the Singers in the poisoning of Navalny., because the publication "", in my opinion, did a decent investigation, answering the question “who is to blame?». In their version, Singers poisoned Navalny by order of Vladimir Ashurkov, executive director of FBK. Didn't share something Navalny with Ashurkov, and the last comrade is a bandit from the 90s, used to solving issues radically. But next to him, of course, won't get there, since the main work was done by the Singers and all traces and questions lead to her.

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