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How a fiery Kurdish communist chose Sweden's prime minister

How a fiery Kurdish communist chose Sweden's prime minister

In November 2021, the Swedish Parliament held the election of the Prime Minister. They went very stormy and contradictory., but the public outside of Sweden only knows, that for the first time in this country a woman became the prime minister - Magdalena Andersson (Eva Magdalena Andersson).
On her personality, education and experience worth a little more detail, before turning to the vicissitudes of the difficult election of the prime minister.

Who is Magdalena Andersson?

Magdalena was born in 1967 year in Uppsala (Uppsala) in a family of teachers. She became interested in sports swimming even before school and reached the national level in this sport., but in 16 years due to fatigue did not continue her sports career. AT 1983 year Magdalena joined the Swedish Social Democratic Youth Union, SSU (Swedish Social Democratic Youth Union) - a kind of "Komsomol" under the party of social democrats. In high school, she was distinguished by her will to win and desire to be the best., to be released in 1987 year second in class by grades. In the same year, Magdalena headed the city organization SSU in Uppsala - her "Komsomol" career was clearly set.

Then Magdalena entered the private Stockholm School of Economics (US), which is a partner, actually a branch of the London School of Economics (LSHE) - a kind of nursery of the world elite. A significant number of country leaders, prime ministers, ministers and financial tycoons of the world graduated from this British educational institution, what is widely known. Less known, that many functions of international organizations (such as the UN, TRAIN, "Greenpeace") also studied there. In Sweden, among the graduates of the Stockholm School of Economics (No. 18 in the world ranking of economic universities) there are also many well-known politicians and influential businessmen, and the institute itself was founded with generous donations from the Wallenberg banking clan. AT 1992 year Magdalena defended her diploma at this university.

To illustrate the features of the teachers of the Stockholm School of Economics (US) and their impact on politics remember the scandal 2019 of the year. SSE teacher Magnus Söderlund (Magnus Söderlund), defended his dissertation there 1993 year and specializing in the field of consumer behavior, at the festival "Gastronomic Summit - about the food of the future" («Gastro summit - about the food of the future») in Stockholm called for consideration of cannibalism and the eating of domestic animals such as cats and dogs as a way to save the climate.

How a fiery Kurdish communist chose Sweden's prime minister

Screensaver in the TV show "After Five" (After five) on TV4. Screenshot

Magdalena Andersson worked at the SSE on her dissertation in 1992-1995, but did not reach the defense. But she studied for one semester in the summer of 1995 at American Harvard, which is also the forge of the world elite. This ended her academic career.. AT 1997 year Magdalena married Richard Freeberg (Richard Friberg), economics professors from SSE, defended his dissertation in the same 1992 year. The couple has two children.

Where did Magdalena start her career? By itself, at the Prime Minister of Sweden! She worked as a political adviser to the Prime Minister of the Social Democrat Göran Persson (Hans Göran Persson) from 1996 by 1998 year. Then to 2004 year was director of planning. Then she was in the civil service - she worked as Deputy Minister of Finance with 2004 by 2006 year. FROM 2007 by 2009 year she again became a political adviser to the leader of the Social Democrats This is Salin (Mona Sahlin), when the party lost power and found itself in opposition to the ruling Moderates. Since 2010, Magdalena has been appointed to the post of director of the Swedish tax service., where she worked before 2021 of the year. Then she retired and her purely political career began..

She became a member of parliament from the Social Democrats in 2014 year. After the victory of the Social Democrats in the elections, she was appointed Minister of Finance. After the election 2018 history repeated itself, she again became the Minister of Finance. In June 2016, Magdalena attended a secret meeting of the Bilderberg Group. (club) in USA, where was everything 4 invited from Sweden. obviously, she liked the right people there, because in december 2020 Magdalene was elected on 3 year as Chairman of the Committee of the International Monetary Fund (the som) in Washington and became the first woman in this position! Among other things, She was: member of the Council of Economic and Financial Affairs of the EU, Member of the Board of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Investment Bank (EIB), World banking group (World Bank Group) and other, and other...

It's obvious from her career, that Magdalena Andersson is a typical globalist from the field of public finance and has reached the highest levels in this area. Nevertheless, even with such baggage and with such strong support, it was not easy for her to win elections in the Swedish parliament.

How can you win the election, having a minority of votes?

The situation in Sweden in 2021 year at the time of the election of the prime minister was a very difficult.

After a brief and flamboyant reign in 2006-2014 by the Center-Right Alliance, led by the new bourgeois party Moderates, (Moderatorna or M) and their reformer prime minister Frederick Reinfeldt (John Fredrik Reinfeldt) the Red-Green bloc came to power in the country, headed by the old (since the 1920s) leader of the Social Democrats (S, who took the 113 seats in parliament from 349, after the elections 2018 having only 100 places).

Only towards the end of August 2021 year of the "lame in both legs" tongue-tied and dim-witted Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven (Kjell Stefan Löfven) Social Democrats persuaded to resign. The Social Democrats announced, that their falling party in the ratings will be led to new elections and new victories by a new leader: economist by education Magdalena Andersson. 4 November she became leader of the Social Democrats.

Looking for a new Prime Minister Parliament, chosen in 2018 year, strained in open and shadow negotiations, scandals and intrigues. The fight was tough.

Magdalena Andersson had 11 hours of intense negotiations with the Communist Party, which since the 1990s have labeled themselves as the "Left Party" (Left Party or V). The party has been led since October by a Swedish-born child of Iranian immigrants. Mernush "Nushi" Dadgostar (Mehrnoosh «Nooshi» Dadgostar). The Left Party competed fiercely with the Center Party (Center Party, FROM) for the status of the main partner of the Social Democratic Party. The Center Party, due to purely ideological reasons, flatly refused to cooperate with the "Left" and be in the same bloc with them..

Magdalena managed to conclude an agreement with the "Left" in exchange for a promise to raise pensions for the Swedes, which caused dissatisfaction with the Center Party ©, and they decided not to support the draft budget, but at the same time do not interfere with Magdalena to take the post of prime minister! Magdalena also enlisted the support of the environmentalist party "The Greens" (The Green Party, MP) from 16 voices, who can only block with the Social Democrats and Communists, because other parties have long been tired of their unpredictable and irrational policies. So the Red-Green Bloc was able to rally its ranks, but no longer pulled for a majority in parliament.

As a result, Magdalena Andersson, candidate for the Social Democrats (S), who have in parliament 100 places, and from the Red-Green Block (Social Democrats, "Left" and "Green" - total 143 seats) managed to take the post of Prime Minister of Sweden 24 November 2021 of the year. receiving 117 votes for (communists did not vote for Magdalena), 57 abstentions and 174 votes against. Only 117 votes for and 174 vote against - t. it is. voted for by a minority of parliament.

And yet she was elected Prime Minister. How is this even possible?

Don't look for a trick, everything according to the law. It makes sense to remember these illogical oddities in the laws of those countries, that they have a habit of teaching democracy to other countries.

According to the Swedish principles of "negative parliamentarism", if the majority of parliament did not vote against the candidate for prime minister, then that candidate becomes prime minister, even if a minority voted for such a candidate! the main thing, so that fewer votes against the candidate 175 of 349 deputies. In the Swedish constitution, this is written in the chapter 6 (paragraph 4).

Such a set of circumstances, when a non-majority candidate is elected prime minister, and the "least unpleasant candidate" with 174 votes to, only possible in a highly fragmented parliament, where it is difficult for several parties to agree on uniting into a bloc or a pair of opposing blocs. This is exactly the situation that developed in the Swedish Riksdag in the fall. 2021 of the year.

Then came the scandal, turned into a farce and the resignation of the prime minister. The new prime minister, Magdalena Andersson, just a few hours later, tried to get her budget draft from the Social Democrats and the Red-Green Bloc through parliament. It is quite natural for a minority prime minister, even the "least unpleasant" for Parliament, this trick failed. Draft budget failed, because this budget was already unpleasant to the absolute majority of the Swedish parliament. Instead of such a budget, the parliament voted for the draft budget from the opposition, including from the right-wing Moderate Party (M) from 70 deputies and from the anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats (SD) from 62 deputies. The most nervous allies of the Social Democrats could no longer stand this., party "Green" (MP). They declared hysterically, that they cannotsupport the budget, which was first drafted together with the extreme right!and unexpectedly withdrew from the coalition with the Social Democrats (S) and "Left" (V).

Withdrawal of the Green Party (MP) from the Red-Green Bloc with the Social Democrats (S) and communists (V) led to, that the block fell apart, and the new prime minister was forced to resign through 12 hours after his election victory.

However, Magdalena's athletic and political hardening helped her once again saddle power during cunning maneuvers.. She decided to run for new elections as a candidate for prime minister no longer from the bloc, but from the party of Social Democrats alone (100 deputies) and form a one-party minority government. All ministers from the Greens were thrown out of the government, but at the same time, the government left the first transgender minister named Lina Axelsson Kihbloom (Lina Marjatta Axelsson Kihlblom) - as Minister of Education. Two ministers of this government (Social Security and Energy/Digitalization) — immigrants, both of them are Iranian by origin.

In addition to the deputies of the Social Democrats, Magdalena again counted on the support of three parties: "Greens" (MP), "Left" (V) and in the past agrarian, now rather the liberal party of the Center ©. This party is headed by Sweden's most naive and caricatured politician, Annie Loef (Annie Lööf), who once said live, that 9 millionth Sweden can easily withstand more 30 million immigrants. Annie is also a globalist politician and was also invited to a secret meeting of the Bilderberg Group. (club) in the USA at the beginning of June 2017 of the year, a year behind Magdalena Andersson. And she was there that year the only politician in Sweden.

The unusual "support" of the three parties was not expressed in voting for Magdalena, how about voting against it?. As a result, in the second election of the Prime Minister 29 November 2021 year Magdalena Andersson received a total 101 vote for (100 votes from your party), 75 abstentions, but only 173 votes against. To win you need, that less voted against 175 deputies, this time with 173 votes against formed a margin of one vote.

How a fiery Kurdish communist chose Sweden's prime minister

Annie Löf hugging Magdalena Andersson. Illustration:

The decisive votes were: 1) vote of the only independent deputy in the Riksdag, former member of the Left party (V), Kurdish communist Amine Kakabave (Amineh Kakabaveh) who voted for - that's where one vote in a hundred votes from the Social Democrats comes from, 2) abstention Nina Lundström (Nina Lundström) from the Liberal Party (L), who unexpectedly reversed her party's decision to vote against Magdalena Andersson! Perhaps the banal bribery of the deputy "Liberals" worked, but there is no evidence for this, as there is no clear reaction from the leadership of her party, who just expressed regret.

But interesting facts surfaced about Magdalena Andersson's bargaining with independent MP Amine Kakabava. Leader of the Swedish Democrats (SD) Jimmy Okesson immediately after the elections, he pointed with indignation at the separate agreement between the Social Democrats and the independent deputy Amine Kakabava, hastily concluded even before the first vote, which twice decided the fate of the election of the head of the government of the country. The text of the treaty, titled "The Social Democratic Party deepens cooperation with (Kurdish) autonomy" from 24 November was openly posted on the website of the Social Democrats.

What did they agree on??

The text of the agreement itself is not specific., however, in it, the Social Democrats undertake to deepen cooperation with the Kurdish autonomy (self-government) in northeast Syria and with the PYD, recognize the leadership role of the Democratic Unity Party PYD (Partiya Yekîtiya Demokrat - the Syrian branch of the PKK, PKK), consider it a fully legitimate party to international negotiations. This is an important step towards international recognition as a party, and Kurdish autonomy, but even this step has no diplomatic power, because it was not signed by an official of the Swedish state and not with the leader or representative of the Kurdish autonomy, and with a Swedish citizen Amine Kakabava. Treaty fully recognizes PYD's defining contribution to defeating ISIS (an organization banned in Russia) and the leading role of the PYD in the ongoing fight against ISIS, and Sweden is named part of the international coalition against ISIS, which generally sounds mocking, given how the Swedish government agencies and even the secret services help the ISIS return to Sweden and hide them not only from justice, but also from journalists.

In the treaty they are recognized as disgusting "total cruelty, brutality and complete disrespect for human rights on the part of ISIS». Examples of the total destruction of thousands of Yezidis and Christians are given, but among these examples, the example of the execution "two young homosexual guys», which for the social democrats seems to be an event of the same magnitude. However, mass executions and total destruction of ethnic-religious groups by ISIS even here not honestly called genocide, which is very characteristic of Swedish politics. For the Social Democrats do not want to lose the votes of Arab immigrants, who openly sympathize with ISIS, and some are just ISIS, returned after the defeat in Sweden. Moreover, the document explicitly states, what "We will continue to demand, to those, who committed acts of terror, crimes against humanity brought to justice».

It is doubly strange to read such lines, Considering, that the Social Democrats have been in power in Sweden since 2014 years and during this time they let hundreds of, possibly thousands of ISIS, provided them with medical and other assistance, gave them allowances and housing, many changed documents to new names and surnames, and only three have appeared before the court in Sweden for all the time (!) terrorists (pp. 22−23).

The last two paragraphs of the contract set out the practical part of the requirements, which Amine Kakabava managed to knock out of the Social Democrats: «As a result of the consequences of the war, many people fled from terror and coercion. The rule of law and the right to a court against such people must be guaranteed.». Despite the absence of war in Kurdistan (ISIS was defeated in Syria and Iraq by the end 2019 of the year), according to the logic of this treaty, Kurdish refugees have the right to receive or extend their right to asylum in Sweden. How confidently and brazenly they strive for Europe, we could only recently observe in video reports from the Belarusian-Polish border.

«unacceptably, so that the freedom fighters, that fought or sympathized (Kurdish) PYD or YPG/YPJ parties, classified by some government officials as terrorists» - this demand calls for a ban on public officials from calling Kurdish fighters terrorists, despite the methods they use. The following are similar demands on Kurdish fighters and politicians in Turkey, which will lead to a diplomatic conflict between Sweden and Turkey (where they just consider Kurdish fighters to be terrorists): «We also point out that, that our brother/sister party HPD in Turkey continues to fight with democratic methods and we support them in the struggle for Kurdish rights, and we demand, to their leader Selhattin Demirtas (Selhattin Demirtash) was released».

One stroke at the end: on the part of the Social Democrats is signed not by the leader of the Social Democrats Magdalena Andersson, and the signature of the second person in the party: secretary Tobias Baudin (Tobias Baudin). Amine Kakabave pretty cheap, given the real plight of the Social Democrats before the election of the prime minister. She could demand and bargain much more, with much stronger guarantees.

From the text of the document it is very clear, that the communist and Swedish citizen Amine Kakabawe did not demand anything at all for the Swedes and for all other ethnic groups in Sweden. Her demands were entirely related only to the well-being of her fellow Kurds., their autonomy, their parties abroad. In fact, nothing communist, there is no international in its requirements, they are purely nationalist, pro-Kurdish. But no one in the Swedish media criticizes her for this.. It is quite possible to be a Kurdish nationalist in the Swedish parliament, and even according to the results of this story, it is very honorable, but to be a Swedish nationalist in Sweden is deeply shameful and disgraceful - according to the media, elite, bohemia and the state system.

Naturally, the most prominent Swedish nationalist in the Swedish Parliament, leader of the right-wing Swedish Democrats (SD) Jimmy Okesson (Jimmie Åkesson) could not endure such disregard for the interests of the Swedish people and pointed out the sad obvious fact: the fate of the election of the head of government in the Swedish state was decided by a Kurdish communist.

yimmy okesson said the following:

«Deserves attention, what did the Kurdish communist decide, that the outcome of the elections is not, how to. Someone wins this vote by just a minimum margin of one vote, and it's built on, that someone made some kind of agreement, that someone will deepen relations with the Kurdish communist party PYD, which has a connection with the PKK (PKK). Naturally, this will affect Sweden's relations with other powers. This is bad, since the Kurdish communists should not decide, who will be the prime minister of sweden».

If you watch the video of his interview with the state channel SVT, is clearly visible and audible, that a particularly important final phrase was carefully cut out of his speech by all major online and printed publications, outlining the gist of his claims.: «Kurdish communists should not decide, who will be the prime minister of sweden, it `s naturally (must decide) swedish people!«

Apparently, references to the Swedish people cause serious fear and rejection among the Swedish media.. Journalists in Sweden focused on criticizing Okesson's words from the point of view of indecent mention of ethnic origin to Amine Kakabava, diverting the attention of the public from, that it was she who determined the outcome of the elections and, how narrow, she kicked out purely pro-Kurdish privileges from the ruling party in exchange for her decisive vote.

And the problem is that, that the vote for Amina Kakabava was by no means given for the interests of the majority of Swedish citizens, and not even for abstract communist or universal ideals, but for the narrow ethnic national interests of relatives and tribesmen Amine Kakabave, of which there are slightly more 100 thousand people in ten million Sweden (a little more 1%).

Every time, when Europeans naively believe in certain ideological values ​​of immigrant politicians from the Middle East, politically incorrect reality over and over again clearly demonstrates to them, that these "deep and sincere" beliefs are just a front for pushing the selfish interests of their fellow immigrants to the detriment of the interests of the country and the majority of citizens, another restriction of the rights of the country's natives in favor of refugees. This is the basic morality of immigrant politicians and all other political, ideological considerations, the limits of decency and social norms are swept aside because of tribal interests.

It is useful to study in depth the biography and personality of a fiery Kurdish patriot, communists and marxists Amine Kakabawe, who is rather the complete opposite of the globalist Magdalena Andersson. And who, nevertheless, helped Magdalena win and did it with genuine joy, judging by the photo of their hugs and kisses. What's the matter?

Who is Amine Kakabawe?

Amine Kakabave (Amineh Kakabaveh) born in 1970 (or in 1973) year in Sekkez, Kurdistan Province, Iran. Already in 13 Amine fled the village from the "patriarchal village culture and terror of the Ayatollah" and joined the Komala Party (Kurdish Communist Party in Iran). And almost in 14 Amine joined the ranks of the Kurdish Peshmerga militia. "Peshmerga" means "Meeting Death" is the designation of the Kurdish guerrillas with 1943 of the year.

She served in the militia from the mid-1980s until 1991 of the year, moreover, at the end of her partisan career, she performed the honorary task of protecting the leader of the movement, who operated in Iran and Iraq.

AT 1992 year she fled through Turkey to Sweden and received refugee status there, settled in the city of Westeros (Västerås). AT 18 years, absolutely illiterate, but tested, that 99% Swedes and unable to imagine, she suddenly found herself in the country, which is constantly in the top ten in terms of living standards among all countries in the world. In Westeros, Amin saw local communists and, without much hesitation, joined the Swedish Communist Party, which since 1990 shortened her name "Left Party Communists" (Left Party Communists) to "Left Party" (The Left Party).

«When I saw those red banners in Vasteros on the first of May, then I felt at home», - Amine herself recalls her acquaintance with the communist party in Sweden.

Amine learned Swedish at school, studied at the gymnasium and 6 years entered the university. She passed the exam in philosophy and social work at Stockholm University, started working in a social service in the municipality of Botchirka (Botkyrka) is a southern suburb of the Swedish capital. There she was introduced to the "charms" of women's lives in such immigrant suburbs., where Swedish laws work quite selectively. To combat this in 2005 Amine founded an organization under the telling name "Varken Hora Eller Kuvad" ("And not a whore, and not depressed"). Amine is still the chairman of this women's organization..

AT 2008 Amine chose (rather took as a replacement) member of the Swedish parliament on the party lists of the communists. Amine worked in parliamentary housing commissions, for cooperation with the EU, on constitutional issues, culture, of Education. But misunderstanding and rejection came into relations with fellow party members, and then scandal. In April 2016 Amine posted a 25-minute video on her Facebook page, in which Somalis are described and shown as rapists, drug dealers and thieves. A fake emblem of the Swedish state television and radio channel SVT was added to the film by the creators., because Amine justified herself, that in rage did not watch the movie to the end, but I was sure - this is a film from the SVT channel, banned immediately after creation by politically correct censorship. Actually it was a movie., compiled and mistranslated by the highly nationalistic Swedish youth group Nordisk ungdom ("Scandinavian youth"). The Left Party insisted on the expulsion of Amin, but she officially apologized and convinced everyone, that it was a mistake.

Amine herself claims, that her problems in the Left Party arose earlier, at 2015 year, when she wrote an article about the presence in the Stockholm suburbs of "moral police" with a Sharia bias, that terrorizes women. «Then the party began to talk, that i'm spreading rumors». This is not surprising, because among the modern communists in Sweden it is widely accepted to stand up for the rights of women somewhere far abroad, outside the EU, but any discussion about, to apply Swedish laws in Sweden to Islamists, defending the rights of women within the country, instantly receives the status of a "racist" attack and lie. For contemporary Swedish communists, immigrant rights, refugees and sexual minorities are more important than the rights of the working class, and such a "communist" will be outraged to the core, if anyone even hints, that the rights and interests of the Swedish working class must come first to the communists.

At the end 2018 years Amine in an interview tells, that she feels in the party so alien, that he specifically writes out sick leave for himself every Tuesday, in order not to attend the meeting in parliament, which is mandatory for deputies of the Left party! surprisingly, how easily and shamelessly the chosen one of the people informs the whole country that, that she fakes her own sick days every week, neglecting his duties as a deputy, earning a very good salary. But her explanation of the reason is also interesting.:

«clear, that a person does not want to go there, if no one greets you, everyone looks away, when they see me».

Let's remember for a moment, what is this woman saying, which since 14 stared death in the face, walking towards death, looking at enemies (who were much more dangerous than her Swedish party members) through the sight of a Kalashnikov assault rifle, confidently pulled the trigger and then watched, how her enemies get bullets.

Party secretary Aron Etzler (Aron Etzler), who, according to Amine, led her persecution in the party, vehemently denied all these allegations., He claimed, that he always greeted her and many times offered to discuss all the accumulated problems at a special meeting in 2016 year. Amine claimed, that party members called her a "racist", "Islamophobic", "homophobic", "ballast for the party", accused the party leadership of, that they do not notice violations of the law in immigrant suburbs. The leadership of the "Left" responded, that they are fighting against male violence against women"throughout society, not only in the suburbs». During the meeting 2017 the parties to the conflict finally formally agreed to end their disputes.

right before the election 2018 Amine was simply expelled from the party deputy lists with an explanation well known to Soviet citizens: «lost the trust of the party». But after the general vote of party members, she still remained on these lists and again became a member of parliament.

AT 2019 a letter of protest was received by the party leadership, in which a number of party members demanded from the leaders "report, How do they see the solution to the situation?». In response, Secretary Aron Etzler wrote, what "absolute majority (party members) accepts then, what the majority decides, but this does not work in the case of Amine Kakabawe», because she is oppositespreading conspiracy theories about, that the party became Stalinist, filled with infiltrated Islamists - or anti-Kurdish Iranians - and how, that the party leadership decides who remains on the party parliamentary lists, or that all this is downright harassment». He concluded his answer by stating: there is no bullying, who is dissatisfied, he can choose another party.

In the end of August 2019 Aron Etzler stated, that the executive committee of the party decided to expel Amine Kakabawe from the party. The reason for this decision was, the, that it seriously undermined the credibility of the party among voters and among colleagues, did not attend meetings (and even in parliamentary elections) and falsely pointed to party comrades, like islamists. Besides, Amine missed the moment of paying the so-called "party tax" mandatory for professional politicians in this party. Amine Kakabava learned about such a “final solution of the issue” from the news ...

So she became the only independent member of the Swedish Parliament.. Which paradoxically helped her sell her personal voice at a higher price in November 2021, trading directly with Magdalena Andersson.

Now let's ask a logical question: what exactly Amine Kakabawe achieved with her life in Sweden, work and participation in politics, bargaining with the powers that be?

In her native Kurdistan, she, risking life daily, fought for the freedom of her people, for women's rights, for the victory and legalization of their communist party, which in fact is rather nationalist and separatist. Most of her fighting friends and girlfriends continued the fight, many laid down their heads, but in the end, the victory over ISIS won considerable territories with oil and gas for the Kurdish autonomy, got shaky, unrecognized, but independence.

Amine, immigrating to Sweden, received citizenship, security, education, rights and well-fed life, membership in the Swedish Communist Party. She was surprised to find, that in Sweden, in the quarters of immigrants, women are just as crowded, how is it in her homeland. She wholeheartedly joined the fight against this "imported" evil in Sweden., which caused a deep and fundamentally insoluble conflict with the Swedish "party comrades", who suddenly became not comrades at all ... But she herself did not want to leave the party, for the post of deputy gave her not only a good salary, but the podium, opportunity to be heard, ideally to negotiate something for the liberation and protection of women in the Swedish immigrant suburbs, promote the legalization of Kurdish parties and the recognition of Kurdish autonomy, help Kurdish refugees, aspiring to well-fed Sweden.

As a result, in her homeland in Iran, the Kurds have no autonomy. Kurdish autonomy not recognized in Syria, most of its lands are occupied by Turkey, Kurdish autonomy is official in Iraq, but limited, built on constant bargaining with the central government. There is practically no industry in the autonomies (except for the oil), oil refining is almost at zero, investment in it is minimal, the working class is minimal in number (what makes the very name "Kurdish Workers' Party" ridiculous), Kurdish clan leaders forced to sell crude oil (in Syria they sell for next to nothing, under the cover of the American army). There was no international recognition, or not, the unification of Iraqi and Syrian autonomy is no longer discussed even by the Kurds. Yes, Kurdish women finally got their rights, occupied high positions. But there are no prospects in Kurdistan, people flee to other countries, even through tour packages to Belarus. Communism (even in the Kurdish sense) somehow not built. influence it, being in Sweden, Amine, Alas, unable to. And she doesn't want to go back to Kurdistan either.. For who needs her there now through 30 years?

And now she finds herself in such an incredible situation., when he can bargain for his decisive vote with the highest political circles in Sweden represented by Magdalena Andersson. In a way with its opposite: from an educated family, with a brilliant prestigious education, with experience in the highest levels of government, with access and recognition in highly influential globalist circles, international organizations and financial groups. From whom Amine receives during the auction several vague written promises under someone else's signature. Promises only about Kurdish autonomy, Kurdish parties and Kurdish refugees. Amine's concerns about women's persecution and Islamism in the immigrant suburbs are forgotten (perhaps, they were crossed out by Magdalena as politically incorrect). But all Kurdish issues are listed in the document, exchanged by a fiery Kurdish communist for her casting vote in favor of a Swedish globalist. It remains only to understand, what will prevent Magdalena Andersson from forgetting these agreements in a year or two, do not care about the fate of the Kurdish people, which is also not enough for her (or even less) interesting, like native swedish.

Politician Amine Kakabava is having a hard time thinking through the prospects for migration: Barely pushed by Amine Kakabava to the post of prime minister, Magdalena Andersson as a globalist will always promote open borders (cornerstone of multiculturalism and globalism) and happy to meet in Sweden not only Kurds, but also Arab immigrants, including Islamists and ISIS.

And there are already more Arabs in Sweden 450 thousand, at 4 more than once more, than Kurds (about 100 thousand). And they don't like Kurds, their interests are often different, often to the opposite. So different, that in Syria and Iraq they solve their conflicts with the help of military force, with human casualties. And then there are the Iranians. (100 thousand), Somalis (more 100 thousand) and Afghans (60 thousand), who also do not differ in a calm attitude towards their neighbors. Amina Kakabava would not have had to remember her teenage skills in handling automatic small arms even in calm Sweden.

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