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masks reset. Erdogan does not recognize Crimea.

masks reset. Erdogan does not recognize Crimea.

Don't hang like a string, and the end will be found — wonderful Russian proverb, reflecting the situation of Turkey's relations with Russia.

Relationship pragmatism, this is how our president justifies his all-forgiving loyalty to NATO member Turkey and its powerful and tough leader Erdogan.

For a very long time, the situation around the recognition of Crimea revolved around omissions, smiles, but everything has finally cleared up now.

Remember the old Soviet film by Eldar Ryazanov “Cruel romance” based on the play by the great playwright Ostrovsky? There, a thieving cashier who escaped from the bank took out a thick wad of money from an inner pocket, tapped it with his finger and said: “I have very big plans!”.

Erdogan is very similar to this presumptuous cashier — caliph per hour, before the arrival of the police.

He is building a new Ottoman Empire, Big Turan — he has very big plans for the territory of the collapsed Soviet Union and the territory of Russia, inhabited by Turkic peoples.

He does not hide it, and the Kremlin, of “pragmatism”, continues to turn a blind eye to Ankara's rhetoric, on her anti-Russian affairs — weapon support, especially drones, Ukraine; purchase of enterprises and land in Abkhazia; the conclusion of a clearly anti-Russian alliance with Azerbaijan; support for militants in Idlib in Syria, and in Libya, there is generally direct military action by the Turkish military and our PMCs.

What is pragmatism? Our tourists bring billions to Turkey every year, replenishing the budget of our dangerous enemy. Purchase of agricultural products, the same lemons, oranges, but most of all tomatoes, stimulates Turkish agriculture and restrains our farmers, closing our internal market for them, given to the Turks. What are the benefits of such pragmatism?

S-400 complex sold? This is so important to the Kremlin? Want to sell another one, so that later they would shoot down our planes in the same Syria? They already did it without any fear of the consequences., because they don't exist.

This time, Erdogan threw off the mask of Asian deceit, spoke directly, to the whole world, for the dull.

Turkish Foreign Minister said, that the past 17-19 September elections to the State Duma in Crimea have no legal force for Ankara, since the country does not recognize the annexation of the peninsula to the Russian Federation.

Erdogan said at the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, what “Turkey considers it necessary to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine, including the territory of Crimea, the annexation of which we do not recognize”.

So why do we need this “friendship”? Why do we need this “pragmatism”? What do you think about the Kremlin's strange relationship with Turkey?? What is the benefit for the country from such an incomprehensible, unilateral “friendship” from our side? All for the sake of tourists, to let them go to Turkish resorts?

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