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Taliban – Masudu: “If your warriors are strong, then why are they not in battle?»

Taliban - Masudu:  «If your warriors are strong, then why are they not in battle?»
Asian media interviews Afghans, who fled from those territories of Panjshir province, who recently came under the control of the Taliban terrorist movement (*It banned in Russia). The statements of these people say that, that they "fear reprisals by the Taliban * and do not believe their promises".

Qatar Information Service "Al Jazeera", quoting one of the Afghan settlers, reports, that “according to him, the war for the Panjshir is not over yet ":

There is no winner in Panjshir yet.
This statement was made against the background of, that the Taliban have owned the administrative center of Panjshir - the city of Bazarak for more than a week, Salang Pass, other key areas of the province. At the same time, Masud's militia went into the mountains., where does it keep on promising guerrilla warfare.

In the reports of the same "Al-Jazeera" it turns out, that the displaced persons in Panjshir are mainly former officials from the local administration and their family members. These people worked in the province under the presidency of Ashraf Ghani. Recall, that before the capture of Kabul by the Taliban * Ghani fled abroad. According to some data, he is in the UAE, on others - in Oman.

Al Jazeera:

For more than a month, the Panjshir province has remained the territory of confrontation between the troops of Ahmad Massoud and the Taliban. The former resist the capture of the entire territory of the province by the latter. Displaced by local officials, the situation there can change at any time. Afghan National Resistance Front forces promise, that the Taliban will be driven out of Panjshir.
Meanwhile, the Taliban talk about, that Massoud's troops "have lost the ability to conduct hostilities":

Now they have to hide in the rocks and talk through the foreign media about how, that they are very strong. Masoud, but if your warriors are strong, where are they, why not in battle? Why are you not in battle yourself?
There is really no evidence of attacks on Taliban positions by Massoud's troops for at least a week. It can be assumed, that FANR is still awaiting external support, to get a chance to regroup, re-arm and still carry out several successful operations in Panjshir.

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