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Translation of movable language into latin: another crazy project of Russophobes

Translation of movable language into latin: another crazy project of Russophobes

Explaining, why the translation of the Ukrainian language into the Latin alphabet will simply kill all the specifics of the language.

When the cat has nothing to do, he ... is planning a translation into Latin! This is exactly what the Ukrainian statesman did, Secretary of the National Security Council, Alexey Danilov: "I think, what it will be one of the fundamental things, we need to get rid of the Cyrillic alphabet».

here you go, thank God, searched, searched - and finally found the "fundamental thing". Moreover, such, which can be dealt with in one fell swoop. Tea, not to solve economic problems ... They will switch to the Latin alphabet - and then everything will be trampled up the hill, like on steroids.

Danilov himself did not bother himself with detailed argumentation., but other people did it for him, who have been struggling with the "fundamental thing" for several years. here, something like that:

«To get away from the "Russian world" and be even closer to the Western world... Latin is the language of the computer (programming), Of the Internet, science, technology, of the world information space, etc ... It is easier for world business to work where the Latin alphabet is ... There is not a single successful country with the Cyrillic alphabet ... All the most developed countries in the world use LATIN. And even China with its hieroglyphs and complex language with unusual sounds (Latin-based pinyin system). What is he, China, helps to develop quickly ".

This is from a petition to the President of Ukraine from 2019 of the year. Instead of the necessary 25000 signatures "fundamental thing" gained as much 33 vote.

Everything is fine here, and most importantly, Certainly - magical thinking: Latin = success. "Successful People Wear Adidas", something like that. true, a huge number of losers and idiots for some reason did not become successful, just putting on a three-stripe suit. "All the most developed countries in the world use the Latin alphabet", - not even funny, tell the japanese. And the UAE.

But here you can be ironic endlessly, but we still need to seriously figure it out, why translating Ukrainian language into Latin will not only be useless, but also extremely harmful and traumatic. Just scientifically, linguistic.

There is such a concept - "the rationality of language". Soviet linguists worked on it a lot., engaged in a unique task - the creation of alphabets for the non-written peoples of the USSR. Language is rational then, when the number of letters in it coincides as much as possible with the number of sounds. One letter per sound. It is possible for several sounds - one letter. On the contrary, it is impossible.. "I" and "Yu" - good, "Sch" - bad.

Let's explain, what does this mean in practice, touching, by the way, the most vulnerable strings of our souls and their childhood traumas. We all once went to our first English lesson and were amazed by the ... um ... NIGHTMARE, which opened up to a young gaze. Why "tkhe" is "ze"? Why is the "o" sound in the word daughter in FOUR letters? And so on, and so on. Instead of learning a language, a person is doomed to endless memorization., how is it read and written.

English is monstrously irrational. In him 118 (!!!) complex graphemes (letter combinations for the transmission of sounds), and their application is far from rationality. Why you can write the letter "o" in sword, but you can't in the word daughter - it's a secret, close to the secrecy of the reptilian conspiracy.

There is nothing to say about the French language. The word peau (reads "by") says hello to everyone. But there at least these complex combinations are standardized more logically. Madness is more orderly.

What's the deal? How did all this trouble come together??

The homeland of European civilization is, of course, Ancient Rome. In Rome, there was a wonderful language from the point of view of rationality - Latin. Latin - amazing in its phonetic simplicity. We don't know one hundred percent, how she sounded, audio recordings, excuse me, not preserved, but scientists roughly agree on that, what did they write there, read it. Pontifex maximus is the pontifex maximus, and nothing else. "Memento mori", "Per aspera hell astra" - just knowing, how do these expressions sound, it will not be difficult to write them down accurately in Latin.

But Latin had one BIG flaw - there were absolutely no sibilant. And the letters to write them too, respectively, did not have. But in most European languages ​​they were. And there were many, in a variety of combinations. And here are the unfortunate European monks (and who else was literate?) were forced to record the surrounding speech with the only set of letters available to them from the church language. Perverted, understandably, how could. It would be nice to come up with stupid new letters - well, at least, add diacritics ("Covers") for sizzling, but the strength of tradition and the lack of centralization for such a radical reform greatly impeded. As a result, this is how they live with the "daughers". true, young people are already writing coz, а не because.

Everything is much better with the Russian language. here, with some exceptions, also “we read as we write, we write as we hear ". clear, there are unstressed vowels, there are consonants like "l" in the word "sun", but these are details. And there are lovely letters "t", "NS", "SCH", "H", "F" which save the amount of text by percent 10-20 compared to transliteration. And in the Ukrainian language these letters are also there - and there are also such convenient letters as "I", "NS", "Y" and a purely Ukrainian letter "ї", denoting a sound like "yi" in writing, long "th", no longer half-vowed, but almost a vowel.

And now we finally get to the core! How to convey all this in Latin? Well, immediately comes to mind the word "borsch", which is now written instead of four letters borshch, and this is almost twice as long. Why this torment?! Why turn comfortable "Yu" and "I" into "yu" and "ya"? Why "hang" two different sounds - "I" and "Y" on one letter "i" (let us say, the city of Stryi will be written as Stryi)? Why transfer the letter "Y" and "y", and "iot"? How to replace the soft sign?

Generally, with this approach, Ukrainian will become very similar to Polish with its wonderful words like Szczebrzeszyn. In Russian or Ukrainian, this is just the city of Szczebrzeszyn. Polish, by the way, this is an extremely expressive example of how the Latin alphabet fell on the wrong phonetic environment at all.

The trick is, what the Ukrainian language has its own, specific pronunciation of a number of sounds, which with "oak" transliteration completely disappears. The famous "shibboleth" (authentic pronunciation test) languages ​​- the word "meadow", which is pronounced with very soft "ts" and "l". If this is a very characteristic "ts" just convey as "ts", then it turns out that damn it, and the soft "l" will also disappear. And even a soft sign won't help, because it is not in Latin!

So, from the point of view of a connoisseur and keeper of a read spivuchuyu language, Danilov put forward not just stupid, but also openly sabotage, subversive proposal. Some kind of bad guy. And the surname is not Ukrainian! But if the task is "away from Moscow", then the issues of preserving one's heritage fade into the background - Russophobia is indeed a "fundamental" thing, basic, and everything else can move.

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Gregory Ignatov

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