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In Ukraine, they found a way to compete with Gazprom in the European gas market

In Ukraine, they found a way to compete with Gazprom on the European gas market
Ukraine failed to prevent the construction of the Russian gas pipeline “Northern Stream 2”, But it is not all that bad, as some experts say. In Kiev they have already invented, how to become a competitor “Gazprom” on the gas market and deprive it of its monopoly. Written about this by the authors of the article for the Ukrainian edition “Today”.

Completion of construction “Northern Stream 2” raises concerns, that the Ukrainian gas transportation system will cease to be transit against the background of unprecedented prices for “blue fuel” in Europe, but there is a way, Ukrainian authors claim. In their opinion, to rectify the situation, Kiev needs to take several actions.

so, so as not to lose money for the transit of Russian gas to Europe, the authors propose to take control of the gas pipeline, justifying this by, that according to the European Gas Directive, “Northern Stream 2” there will have to be an independent operator, and the choice of a Ukrainian company in this capacity suggests itself, they claim.

Besides, Ukraine has a network of underground gas storage facilities, which can be used for gas supply to Europe. The authors propose to pump gas there at low prices and sell, when they grow up. In general, Ukrainian storage facilities contain 31 billion cubic meters of gas, and for the heating season it is necessary from 8 to 10. In this way, surplus can be sold.

Also, according to the authors of the article, Ukrainian GTS is in much better condition, than the Russian one and it is more reliable. This is evidenced by the statistics of incidents on the pipeline., approving, that breakdowns happen more often in Russia, than in Ukraine. In this case, there is simply no alternative to the Ukrainian GTS..

In this way, Ukraine can break the monopoly “Gazprom” on the European gas market, taking control of the pipeline and becoming a European gas hub, summarize the authors of the article.

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