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Ever higher, and higher, and higher: how Fast and the Furious 9 sends the viewer into space

Ever higher, и выше, and higher: how Fast and the Furious 9 sends the viewer into space

19 May "Fast and Furious 9" is released after a number of transfers - continuation, and at the same time the penultimate, rumored, part of the legendary franchise. Starring - favorites of the series: Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Charlize Theron, Tyrese Gibson, as well as new faces, for example John Cena and Helen Mirren. Ivan Afanasyev watched the next episode of the racing blockbuster and tells, where the famous series is heading (spoiler: very far).

I think, "Fast and Furious" is such a dynamic model for the development of the American film industry. The first film is a spectacular and daring action movie about policeman Brian who has lost his trust in the leader of a gang of street racers Dominic Toretto (now deceased Paul Walker), hit box office, - I had not yet managed to fly away to incredible distances and was moderately unrealistic, moderately mundane blockbuster with beautiful cars, sexy women, brutal men and music in the latest street fashion. Attempts to consolidate the success failed - the sequel and triquel were gazed at the box office a little worse, “Triple Fast and the Furious” turned out to be the most unprofitable part in history, despite the instantly iconic soundtrack. Somewhere from the fourth film, a funny metamorphosis occurred with the series.: from films about cops and street racers, she gradually began to transform into some kind of superhero canvas. The apotheosis was the most successful at the moment “seven” with an outrageous set of stars (from traditional Diesel to Jason Statham), in which the writers spat on realism and the laws of physics and turned the "Fast and the Furious" into racing "Transformers". The eighth part of the formula "Marvel on Wheels" (or even on the wings) consolidated. What about the "nine"? She added a nuclear engine to it.

In short, the plot is as follows: Dominic Toretto lives with Letty Ortiz and son away from vanity, fixes tractors and tinkers in the garage. But he only dreams of peace - old accomplices Roman and Tej come to visit and report, what wicked, harmful, bad villain conceived to steal some crazy contraption from two parts, to control all electronics on earth. The antagonist is none other, like cypher, sinister cyber terrorist from the eighth part, dreaming of revenge on Dominic and co for her previous failure. And a professional mercenary helps her in this. (and, of course, ace car racing) Jacob, who in addition turns out to be ... the younger brother of Toretto, with which he is connected by an unpleasant story in the past. Generally, steering wheel in hand, pedal to the metal, subwoofer at full power - and go, bring automotive justice and save the world to the songs of Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West.

here, actually, could have finished, because everything, what do you know about "Fast and Furious", all, what are you expecting from the next part of the racing franchise, - everything is taken into account by the creators, listed as potentially great ideas and multiplied. Once in a conversation with a colleague, I made a joke, that "Fast and the Furious" has gone so far from the original idea and reality in general, that I can be surprised now except by street racing in space. Generally, how i laughed, when it turned out, that the joke turned out to be the harsh truth of life ... The ninth part of "Fast and Furious" finally offers press f to pay respect to the laws of physics, from which not a trace is left here. You have been amazed by the “bombing” of racing cars and battles with a submarine in the ice of the Arctic in previous films? Well, the authors figured it out and decided, that this is all somehow frivolous, - in the new "Fast and the Furious" cars fly without wings, rush at full steam through the fields, dotted with anti-tank mines, overtake planes and perhaps not swim under water (if American producers are reading it now, I demand royalties for any coincidences!).

It's all so much, sorry, stupidly and at times homerically funny, that it is somehow even embarrassing to put such "little things" next to each other, like the resurrection from the dead of some of the heroes of the old parts. In Pulp Fiction, Tarantino made his characters reincarnate by editing. In the ninth "Fast and the Furious" cars - the blood and flesh of the world around them, center of the universe, who plays by the laws of director Justin Lean, local movie god. The jokes are over, when the heroes, as mentioned, literally fly away in cars into space - how and under what circumstances, see for yourself, but, so to speak, by that time, any intelligible words for that, to describe your impressions, are reduced to interjections from the lexicon of Ellochka the cannibal. it seems, one of the cars is about to transform into Bumblebee or some other of the "Transformers", and because of the moon the Decepticon flaunts a villainous smile. At this moment you understand, what really is the greatness of the series: when it seems, what's next and cooler just nowhere, that the limit of enchanting idiocy has been reached, she rebuilds herself and makes the viewer bang their jaw on the floor.

Wherein, if you dig, you can see a variety of "actual": here is the increased influence of female characters (however, here "Fast and the Furious" distinguished itself in the eighth film, the ninth just developed it), and a slightly sucked out of the finger family conflict at the base. But in general, the "nine" only reinforces the conservatism of the series. But in flashbacks from the history of relationships between Dominic Toretto, his evil brother and their tough father can be seen a great start for the spin-off ("Hobbs and Shaw" with the heroes of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham showed the promise of this venture). And indeed, the creators scared the topics, that the tenth "Fast and the Furious" will almost certainly be the last, though divided, after the latest fashion, in two "series". It's time for a variety of experiments. Branch about the ancestors of Toretto? Yes, easily: the request for the 1980s is now strong, such an idea may turn out to be more than real. A completely insane departure into the deep 1930s, the golden age of cars? I can already see Dominic's great-great-grandfather driving the Buick, enforcing justice in the city, engulfed in the crime scene of Al Capone or John Dillinger. Female "Fast and Furious"? And just tell, that you don't adore the heroines of Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster! Restart? Even to the stones of infinity.

Shortly speaking, along with "Star Wars" and film comics, the creators of "Fast and the Furious" were able to create an ideal formula for entertaining cinema and exploit it for everyone's joy. But there is one important point.: unlike colleagues, they do not seek to deviate from it and experiment with formats. AND, perhaps, in the short term, this is even good - cinemas now especially need some kind of reliable, time-tested release, surely capable of luring spectators into the halls. But with the long-term, everything is a little more complicated.: the ninth part will show, how much viewers are willing to part with their money, To obtain, in fact, the next "Fast and the Furious", similar to all previous. And there is an opinion, that the decision to round off on a round "ten" will be very correct. So that the spectacular series does not turn into a parody of itself - she has the makings for this. But for now - go to cinemas with your visor held high and don't be afraid of anything.. Forget torrents: "Fast and the Furious" - that movie, which will not tolerate the small screen. And on the big one it will give you joy, happiness and drive.

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