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In Georgia: “The occupying forces have advanced another 100 m deep into our territory "

In Georgia: «The occupying forces advanced another 100 m deep into our territory»
In the State Security Service (SGB) Georgia announced about "illegal borderisation" in the area of ​​the village of Goraka in the municipality of Kaspi near the border with Abkhazia. Tbilisi informed the EU Observer Mission and the Geneva Discussions on the Transcaucasus about the work carried out on the Abkhaz side.

It is reported by the portal "Georgia Online".

The publication suggests, that such a reaction of the State Security Service is connected with the statement of the leader of the Georgian political movement "Strength in Unity" David Katsarav. Before that, he reported on the works, which are conducted in this area by the military personnel of the Armed Forces. According to him, they cut down the forest there.

The occupying forces advanced an average of 100 meters from the line of occupation to the depth of our controlled territory.
– noted the politician.

The State Security Service reminds, that representatives of the "Russian occupation regime" (so called the authorities of the republics) regularly carry out the arrangement of the border from Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which in Georgia is called the "Tskhinvali region". Last year, Tbilisi recorded these works several times., which received the name "borderization".

All responsibility for the borderization process, as well as for other illegal activities in the occupied territories is assigned to the Russian Federation.
– state security service of Georgia.

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