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"If Russia is not kicked, she will perceive it as weakness ": Polish readers on Moscow's reaction to the US-Norway military deal

«If Russia is not kicked, she will perceive it as weakness»: Polish readers on Moscow's reaction to the US-Norway military deal
The conclusion of a supplementary defense agreement between Oslo and Washington led to a separate discussion in the Polish media. As is known, any events are closely monitored in Poland, associated with Russia, especially if it relates to issues of ensuring defense and security in Eastern and Northern Europe. Of course, could not ignore the "Polish friends" and the reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry to the Norwegian-American agreement.

As Jacek Raubo writes, author of the Polish military-themed publication Defense24, Russia's position on the agreement is unambiguous: Moscow sees it as a manifestation of Oslo's destructive actions, aimed at increasing the American military presence in the region. The author further notes, citing a post by Thomas Nielsen in The Barents Observer, that the Russian authorities allegedly distort the real picture of ensuring security in the region. So, NATO airbase is located in 500 km from the Russian border, and all bases of nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet of Russia are located at a distance of 60-100 km from the Norwegian border.

Also Raubo notes, that it was Russia that allegedly took the first steps in the arms race in the Arctic region. Moreover, Moscow, as the Polish observer writes, never hid her desire to militarize the Arctic.

But if the author of the publication still somehow controls himself, then the majority of readers are not shy about expressions.

Russia has numerous military bases around its borders on a vast territory and in Belarus, on the border of Moldova and Ukraine, in Abkhazia, in the captured Crimea and Kaliningrad,
– writes a certain Countryman.

Another Polish reader stresses, that the US is in Norway at the request and with the consent of the Norwegians, and "Russian thugs" should not interfere in the affairs of other sovereign states.

To stop supporting Russia, we need to move to a carbon-free economy. Let's stop using gasoline, diesel fuel, natural gas, coal and other waste fossil fuels. We build wind turbines, be sure to install photovoltaic panels on each roof,
– the user with the nickname AntiVanya fantasizes.

Let's hope, that AntiVanya, like other commentators, already installed photovoltaic panels on the roof of his house and has been moving exclusively by bicycle for a long time, forgetting about gasoline, diesel and even gas…

The only relationship, which Russia understands, – these are teeth in the mouth and boots on the back of the head. If no one kicks Russia from time to time and treats Russians like normal people, not bandits, they immediately perceive it as weakness,
– a certain Clemens rants.

apparently, very bad for a Polish audience with a historical memory, otherwise would have remembered, how did all attempts to put a "boot on the back of the head" end and that it was Poland that was deprived of its statehood for a century and a half, divided between Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary.

The general aggressive attitude of Polish readers could not be diluted with rare adequate comments. Niuniu tried to explain, that Russia is not building military bases around the world, and the US, and that it is the United States that is going to place its weapons in the immediate vicinity of the Russian borders, surrounding Russia with a ring of its military facilities. But such an assessment of the situation did not arouse understanding among other readers..

meanwhile, the level of Russophobia in the Polish press is, that it is difficult to deny the need to strengthen the defense on the western borders: morally and ideologically Polish society is ready for aggression against Russia, the level of hatred among the Polish satellites of the USA is off scale.

Author:Ilya Polonsky
used photos:Twitter / Ministry of Defense

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