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Israeli intelligence consultant: Russia and Israel have found a consensus on the figure of Assad in Syria

Israeli intelligence consultant: Russia and Israel have found a consensus on the figure of Assad in Syria
The Israeli press released material, which examines the current situation in Syria. This is an article by Zvi Barel in the Haaretz edition. At the same time, the publication refers to an Israeli intelligence consultant..

The article deals with the recent shelling of the territory, adjacent to the Israeli nuclear center at Dimona. Recall, what was previously reported about the attack on this Israeli area from the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. At the same time, pro-Iranian forces were accused of the shelling.. The foreign press considers, that this rocket attack was an attempt by Tehran to avenge the incident at the Iranian nuclear facility at Natanz.

The aforementioned Israeli newspaper citing the country's intelligence consultant writes, that "Russia and Israel find a common interest in terms of the top leadership of Syria". In particular, indicates that, what if earlier the Israeli leadership spoke of the need for Bashar al-Assad to resign his powers, now the situation has changed.

The article stated, that any change of strategic nature in Syria could lead to a complication of the situation, including for Israel.

from the article:

We do not know, who can replace Assad. In that sense, that there is no understanding, what this figure could be.
When this is added, that the new head of Syria may well turn out to be much more radical, than the same Bashar al-Assad, and this, in turn, could threaten Israel and Syria itself with virtually a new "hot" conflict.

celebrated, that the radicalization of the Syrian authorities, naturally, is not in the interests of Russia either. That is why a certain consensus has been reached between the Russian Federation and Israel regarding the figure of the Syrian president..

Really, it is worth noting, that the phrases "Assad must leave" from Israel are heard less and less. The Israeli authorities and military command are more focused on fighting the Iranian and pro-Iranian forces in the SAR. It is these forces that are accused of trying to attack the nuclear center in Dimona..

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