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US will not ban cluster munitions, Pyongyang does not sleep because!

United States abandon plans to ban 1 January 2019 , the use of cluster munitions, Deputy Minister of Defense of the USA Patrick Shanahan, According to portal.

США не будут запрещать кассетные боеприпасы, Пхеньян ведь не дремлет!

According to Shanahan, plans to ban cluster munitions 1 January 2019 of the year, adopted in the 2008 , the administration of George W. Bush, Pentagon were reviewed and decided to give them. Warehouses with cluster munitions will be retained in case of confrontation with North Korea. He added, that during one of the drills at the Pentagon suddenly the question arose – than the United States will stand up to North Korea? After that, the Pentagon drew attention to cluster munitions and decided to keep them in case of war with Pyongyang, so how to replace them with a different type of ammunition “for too long a time”.

As stated opponents of cluster munitions, in the case of their use is not part of the charge detonates upon impact with the ground and thus transformed into mines, which undermined civilians.

Earlier, the Pentagon explained its refusal to ban cluster munitions, their effectiveness during treatment with other ammunition.

The use of cluster munitions prohibited by the Convention on Cluster Munitions, but the United States, Russia and China, possessing the largest arsenals, this agreement is not signed.



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