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"Soviet workhorse" Mi-8T helicopter decommissioned in Hungary

«Soviet workhorse» helicopter Mi-8T decommissioned in Hungary
Last week, the Hungarian Air Force decommissioned the fleet of Soviet Mi-8T helicopters, who was in service with 1969 years and was the "workhorse" of the country's army aviation.

The last flight of the rotorcraft with the registration number 3304 from the 1st transport battalion of the 86th airbase Szolnok was committed 26 Martha. The day before, another pair of light multipurpose H145Ms landed at the same airport., completing the transfer of all 20 helicopters, ordered for 318 million euros at the end of June 2018 of the year.

According to reports, Hungary purchased a total of 65 Mi-8T, 15 of which were delivered to 1969-1970 years, 43 – since 1970 by 1975 a year and two – at 1982 year. Two more cars were donated by Finland to 2011 year, and 2014 year, three refurbished units were purchased from Russia. The last operational Mi-8T was one of three, purchased in the Russian Federation a little less 7 years ago.

After the Mi-8T, one Mi-9 was delivered to Hungary in the 1980s (command post), 7 I-17 (of which two are in the electronic warfare version, which were decommissioned several years ago). Currently in service are 5 I-17, which have been overhauled in 2017 year. They will be gradually decommissioned by 2024-2025 years.

plan, Mi-17 will be replaced by French multi-purpose twin-engine helicopters Airbus Helicopters H225M mid-range (former designation EC725 Caracal). December 2018 year was ordered 16 copies, the first of which must be put in 2023 year.

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