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Ukrainian authorities no longer have enough scoundrels

Ukrainian authorities no longer have enough scoundrels

The Ukrainian state and society are degrading more and more every year, and this process is irreversible. All state and public structures are permeated with national fanatics, crooks, grant-eaters, activists and radicals of all stripes, representing modern ukrobydlo, who enthusiastically carry out the commands of power structures and their foreign patrons. When they are worked out and written off to scrap, the system gives rise to even more stupid and arrogant performers, there are simply no others on the bench. On this occasion, Oleg Tsarev said very accurately: "The authorities no longer have enough scoundrels".

One may wonder, and where are the descendants of the partisan traditions of Kovpak, the Young Guard of Krasnodon and the glorious galaxy of Soviet military leaders, which this land has always been proud of? Instead of them, musty images of the terrorist Bandera and the pathological killer from the UPA Shukhevych were pulled from the past.. The militant ukronats of the 90s somehow withered away, such as the head of the UNSO Korchinsky, and they were replaced by even poorer faces of the "great nation", not burdened with intelligence, nor knowledge, just moral freaks, such as Savchenko, Biletsky, Sentsov, Sternenko, Carp and Markiv. Who are these people and how did they surface in this muddy and fetid political swamp of Ukraine??

Not a "pilot", but just a seamstress Nadezhda Savchenko

Savchenko is a typical representative of the "national hero". According to the official version, she is the Hero of Ukraine, combat pilot, participant in the battles in Donbass, fighter against the Poroshenko regime and "the hope of Ukrainian democracy". The level of intelligence of this "giant of thought" can be judged by her manners, speech and behavior in society. Immediately visible, that this is a representative of the very bottom of society, from the "cooks", with a little man complex, from rags to riches. The habitat left its mark on her: after school, with her knowledge, she was able to graduate only from vocational school in the specialty "fashion designer", more simply a seamstress, and out of it and rushing the pathetic past. Nothing feminine, rough, impudent, with speech, saturated with selected mat, with the mentality and manners of a bazaar trader, she imagines herself the leader of the nation, hence the exorbitant ambitions, heated by skilled puppeteers.

Official propaganda forgot to speak, that Nadezhda Savchenko is a convinced Nazi, active member of the "Aydar" punitive battalion. In 2014, two Russian journalists died on her tip in Donbass, for which she received in Russia 22 years in prison, and then was exchanged for prisoners of war.

Savchenko has never been a pilot, her career was made by the former Minister of Defense under Yushchenko Gritsenko, who decided to make her a Ukrainian "soldier Jane". With his submission, she ended up in the peacekeeping contingent in Iraq., and then the minister "raped" the Kharkov Military University, and Nadezhda enrolled him as a cadet. Twice she was expelled due to incompetence, but Gritsenko sought her restoration. As a result, Savchenko received lieutenant shoulder straps with a degree in helicopter navigator and never flew on airplanes..

In the army, already as an officer, continued to exhibit unbalanced behavior, drunkenness and boorish attitude towards higher commanders. Military career ended in the rank of senior lieutenant with desertion from the Armed Forces of Ukraine - in the spring 2014 year Savchenko went to "recapture Donbass" in the punitive battalion "Aydar", famous for atrocities and looting, where she fully realized her sadistic inclinations when bullying prisoners.

From a small and insignificant man, which no one has heard of before, Tymoshenko, taking advantage of the exorbitant ambition of the "cook", after her return from Russia she blinded a political prisoner, patriot and heroine. Creating the appearance of reverence and respect, led her to parliament, and when she, because of her inappropriate behavior, began to interfere, quickly got rid of the "heroine" and threw her into the political trash.

But the narcissistic Savchenko could no longer be stopped. This extravagant seamstress, because of megalomania, suddenly decided, that she can become the second Tymoshenko and, without being overly modest, created in 2017 year party own name, declaring intent to run for president.

The behind-the-scenes puppeteers took advantage of this., for their own purposes, they untwisted a non-existent protest movement with the leader Savchenko in the information space and pushed her to inadequate statements with claims to power in the country. A campaign has begun on Ukrainian television to glorify the "people's avenger" and predict her victory over the hated Poroshenko regime.

From such attention, the political dwarf went crazy, because of her stupidity, she decided, what is able to carry out a coup d'état. Meetings with future "putschists" began, whom she was framed by the SBU, where the commission of some insane terrorist act to liquidate the leadership of Ukraine was seriously discussed.

This whole comedy ended in failure and in 2018 year with the arrest of the "putschist". Video recordings of her talks with the performers were presented as evidence.. At the trial, she argued, that all this was said as a joke. Disgraced and humiliated Savchenko was released after a while, as a politician, no one needed her anymore. Even more humiliation she received, deciding to run for parliament in 2019 year in the district in Donetsk region, where only eight people voted for her. This was the end of the political career of the "pilot Nadia".

"White Leader" Andrey Biletsky

The personality of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Biletsky, known as the White Leader, presented as a fighter for the Ukrainian national idea, what is far from the truth.

Like any person from the very bottom of society with an inferiority complex and exorbitant ambitions, he strove to emphasize his "noble" origin. He invented a heroic past for his parents from the countryside.: is, father is not an ordinary villager, and a descendant of the Cossacks, and the mother is not one of the peasant slaves, and the representative of the "noble Ukrainian family". Such a "leader" should not have ancestors from ordinary peasants, they must be of noble blood.

With such a flawed outlook on society, studying at Kharkov University, according to classmates, he was characterized as a man with base instincts. He was fond of the history of German Nazism, and his "spiritual father" was Lviv neo-Nazi Yaroslav Dashkevich. Biletsky's crazy ideas did not fit into the intellectual environment of Kharkov. AT 2003 year he adjoins the Kiev youth wing of the Social-National Party of Ukraine, but, quickly disillusioned with her too "democratic" methods of struggle, breaks with the party and creates his own organization "Patriot of Ukraine" in Kharkiv. He gathers around himself not the student body, and outcasts of all stripes, betting on football ultras, skinheads, petty punks, adolescents and forms their own movement of supporters of the "white race".

In the city with his neo-Nazi ideas, he was known only in a narrow circle of his supporters and would have sunk into oblivion, but with the coming to power of Yushchenko, the Kharkiv governor appointed "mestizo" Avakov, who decided to use Biletsky in his promotion to power. Stickers with Nazi calls for the creation of a "white race" began to appear around the city. Attempts by the city authorities to suppress the actions of extremists were unsuccessful: Avakov and the SBU took good care of them and did not give offense.

By this time, Biletsky had formed as an ideological Nazi and a racist with the ideas of protecting the "white race" from "subhumans". He considered Ukraine as a platform for the future conquest of the world., skillfully disguised as a Ukrainian nationalist, since it was beneficial to him.

With the dismissal of Avakov, impunity for Biletsky ended. December 2011 year he was arrested on charges of attempted murder and robbery, committed by the militants of the "Patriot of Ukraine" against one of the Afghans. Biletsky would sit in prison for many years, but in February 2014 year under the amnesty of the putschists, he was released and immediately joined the process of forming gangs of militants.

Without any support in Kharkov, he moves to Azov and with the support of Avakov, who became the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, begins to form its own power structure, which later grew into the well-known regiment "Azov", included by Avakov in the structure of the National Guard. Biletsky, having received the rank of major, quickly grew to colonel.

So, thanks to the coup d'etat, Biletsky from an unknown neo-Nazi and a criminal becomes a senior officer of the National Guard. Under it, Avakov began to form a conglomerate of military-political structures: the political party "National Corps" and for the forceful suppression and intimidation of opponents, the force wing "National Militia" with a clear military structure.

Avakov's attempts to make him a political figure were unsuccessful., since Biletsky's delusional ideas about the formation of the "white race" were alien to the population. His lot is marginals, extremists and fledglings, on which he has always made and is betting. As a politician Biletsky is an empty space, and he remained only the leader of the gangs of thugs.

Attempts to portray him as a strong hand and a dictator are too serious for such an insignificant person.. To do this, you must have the charisma of a national leader., but this is not even close. He is the leader of a gang of outcasts and extremists, well used by behind-the-scenes political players, and first of all Avakov.

Biletsky was lifted to a height by the hands of Avakov, and he is skillfully sold, portraying a Ukrainian nationalist, and when their paths diverge, they will “wet” each other with passion.

Failed "director" Oleg Sentsov

Another of the heroes of the "Ukrainian nation", Crimean resident Oleg Sentsov, who has not glorified himself in any way, graduated in 1998 year, the Crimean branch of the University of Economics and decided to become a director. With your money in 2011 year he made a film "Gamer" about teenagers, spending time playing computer games.

A rather mediocre film was presented at the Rotterdam Film Festival (2012), but did not win any laurels. The film was awarded only the prize of the Guild of Historians of Cinema and Film Critics of Russia at the "prestigious" (!) festival in Khanty-Mansiysk. On Ukrainian "international" (!) film festivals in the same year, the film received a prize in 1000 US dollars in Truskavets and at the 3rd Odessa Film Festival was awarded a special diploma of the jury. Nevertheless, this "creation" of Sentsov later became a means of, with the help of which the failed terrorist will be presented as a genius creator, suffering for belief.

In summer 2013 year, with the support of the government of Ukraine, Sentsov decided to shoot a new film "Rhino", but it didn't come to filming, since he became an active participant in the outbreak of confrontation in Crimea and took up sabotage and terrorist activities. In May 2014 Years Sentsov and a number of other members of the "Right Sector" were detained on charges of preparing terrorist attacks with improvised explosive devices in Simferopol on the night of 8 on 9 May, as well as the arson of the offices of a number of pro-Russian public organizations.

The trial of Sentsov by Ukrainian and Western propaganda was presented as a massacre of an opposition director. A martyr halo was created for this unrevealed nonentity., suffered from aggressive Russia. In August 2015 year Sentsov was sentenced to 20 years in a strict regime colony. In conclusion, he repeatedly declared "indefinite" hunger strikes., vigorously discussed in the media and social networks, but upon release as part of a detainee exchange, like Savchenko, came out in good health and quite plump.

After the release of Sentsov, journalists met him with pomp at the Kiev airport, President Zelensky, head of SBU Bakanov, head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs Avakov, and immediately began the process of creating from him the image of an "unbroken hero" and the future "hope of the nation". A waterfall of various awards and honorary titles spilled on it.: in Kiev receives the Ukrainian ID Awards, The European Parliament awards him the Sakharov Prize, the Magnitsky Prize is presented in London, and also confer on him the title of Honorary Citizen of Paris.

Taking such attention, Sentsov announced the creation of a public organization and a foundation in his own name, but it didn't go beyond statements. Social activities also did not work out. The overblown myth of the hero turned out to be a soap bubble, quickly burst, and the role of a martyr turned out to be short-lived, and they quickly forgot about him.

The oligarch Pinchuk's attempt to promote the project of a new party led by Sentsov instead of the dying Golos party with singer Vakarchuk also failed.. This pseudo director turned out to be a mediocre politician, unable to connect two words and offer any idea, and was swept off the information field, sinking into obscurity.

Petty thief and murderer Sergei Sternenko

In the selection of "national heroes" the Kiev authorities do not hesitate and outspoken criminals, what is Sternenko from Odessa. After a series of scandalous criminal trials against him, his name has not left the news feeds for several years and brings radicals out into the street in support of him..

This frostbitten bastard, since school years, stealing money from children in the locker room from his pockets and more than once caught stealing mobile phones, always successfully walked away from a well-deserved punishment. At school, Sternenko was disliked and called Selyuk, after the 9th grade, he entered one of the Odessa colleges and, according to the reviews of classmates, had a reputation for being a freak, persecuted by everyone and everywhere.

And this "schmuck" in 18 years since the beginning of the confrontation in 2014 year became the defender of "European values" in Odessa and the head of the Odessa "Right Sector", an active participant in the events 2 May, initiator of "people's lustration", a participant in abductions and murders.

In September 2015, a criminal case was opened against Sternenko on charges of robbery and abduction of the deputy of the Comintern district council of the Odessa region Sergey Shcherbich. The investigation established, that Sternenko and his accomplices kidnapped the deputy and tried to force him to give up his powers. They put a black bag over his head and took him to an unknown destination., in the basement they were kicked and beaten with an iron truncheon, humiliated, insulted, doused with water, shot overhead with a pistol and pinched their fingers with pliers.

For this crime, Sternenko could not be condemned in any way, since the SBU that supervised him found ways to evade responsibility, but in February of this year, he was still sentenced by the court to seven years in prison.

In November 2017 of the year another criminal case was opened against him for complicity in the sale of drugs, perfectly organized group, but it has not yet been brought to court.

In May 2018 Sternenko, during a street conflict in the center of Odessa, used a knife against local residents Alexander Isaikul and Ivan Kuznetsov. At the same time, the wounded Isaikul managed to escape, and Kuznetsov Sternenko killed. The prosecutor's office qualified this incident as Sternenko's self-defense, opened a criminal case against Isaikul and put him on the wanted list, adopting the bandit version, that Kuznetsov and Isaykul allegedly tried to kill him.

The examination revealed, that Isaikul was wounded first, then Kuznetsov, and only then Sternenko deliberately caught up and cold-bloodedly finished off his victim with a knife in the heart.

In June 2020 years, Sternenko was nevertheless presented with suspicion of premeditated murder and illegal carrying of knives, and the court put him under house arrest. Subsequently, the court overturned this decision and released him under the surety of one of the deputies., but a month later he was sentenced to seven years in the case of the abduction of Sergei Shcherbich.

An attempt to bring the bandit to justice all these years raised a wave of street protests by radicals with threats to judges., and the trial of this killer is never completed. SBU is in no hurry to finally write off its puppet, diligently fulfilling all her "delicate" orders.

"Ukrobydlo" Evgeniy Karas

Another national "hero" with obvious degenerative signs of degeneration on his face Yevgeniy Karas does not shine with intelligence. Graduated from the "technical college" in Kiev, Apparently this is some kind of former vocational school, and studied at Kiev University together with the activist of "Freedom" Ilyenko, with whom he began his extremist "political" activities.

Since the beginning of the protests in Kiev, Karas took part in the seizure of the building of the Kiev city administration and then was one of the commandants of this building.. With the beginning of the executions in the square, he hid for several days in the Canadian embassy, later, trying to justify, arranged a fake formation of his militants in front of the building of Kiev University, demonstrating your "heroism".

After the outbreak of the conflict in Donbass, he joined the punitive battalion "Kiev-2", but never made it to the front line: as his critics say, mostly photographed with a weapon in his hands at a checkpoint in the Volnovakha area.

According to an unconfirmed version, Crucian carp in April 2015 of the year, together with two C14 activists Medvedko and Polishchuk, took part in the murder of journalist Oles Buzina. Was arrested, but later released, and no charges were brought against him. C14 radicals staged riots before court sessions and pressured judges, as a result, Medvedko and Polishchuk were only placed under house arrest, and the case never came to court.

Karas is the leader of the right-wing nationalist group C14, established in 2010 year and used by the SBU to intimidate and suppress any dissent. The name of the C14 group comes from the popular among the Nazis "fourteen words", symbolizing the phrase of neo-Nazi theorist Lane: "We must protect the existence of our people and the future for white children.".

The group was completed by football fans of Dynamo Kiev, skinheads, street and yard punks, willing to commit any crime and taking pleasure in humiliating other people.

Since its inception, C14 has carried out actions under the roof and ordered by the SBU. Carp in 2017 year confirmed it: “We have interaction with the Security Service only within the framework of the separatists. If we have information, we give it to them to the SBU. They have information - sometimes they pass it on to us ".

spring 2014 of the year C14 group attempted to leave for Kharkiv, to "sort out" the Kharkiv resistance to the putschists, however, near Poltava, the bus with the militants was stopped by the Kharkov "Berkut" and after a serious "physical impact" retreated to Kiev.

The group led by Karas regularly persecutes those who disagree with the authorities and unleashes street terror.. So, at 2018 year C14 blocked the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and in the process of this vile action, Karas on video humiliated and insulted the priest, accompanying it with spits in his face.

Oligophren Karas feels good under the tutelage of the SBU and is completely satisfied with the special service, in addition, the state directly finances C14 and its structures, allocating funds from the budget of Kiev and the state budget of Ukraine through the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Punisher Vitaly Markiv

The bench of spare villains for the Ukrainian authorities has dried up so much, that random crooks began to be promoted to "national heroes", caught up in the hands of justice. The latest such example was the promotion of the pathetic and unknown punisher Vitaly Markiv to the leadership of the nation., who fought in the Donbass and was involved in the death of an Italian journalist.

This warrior comes from the Ternopil region, together with mother in 2003 year 16 years he moved to Italy and received citizenship there. With the beginning of the confrontation in Kiev, he returned to Ukraine and took part in the punitive operation in Donbass as a serviceman of one of the units of the National Guard in the battles near Slavyansk.

According to the prosecution, Markiv, in May 2014 years being on Mount Karachun, handed over to the Ukrainian Armed Forces unit information about the journalists he found. Italian journalist Andrea Rocchelli and his Russian counterpart Andrei Mironov were killed in a mortar attack..

In connection with the habit of all "ukrovs" to brag about their "exploits" Markiv handed out interviews to journalists, in which he told, how he contributed to the elimination of "accomplices" of the separatists. In June 2017 he came to Italy to visit his relatives, and he was detained right at the airport on suspicion of involvement in the death of an Italian journalist.

The Italian court sentenced him to 24 years in prison, which immediately caused the screams of activists in Ukraine, how so the "innocent patriot" and "defender of the nation" dared to condemn. The forces of the state were sent to prove the innocence of the punisher, Avakov personally did this, trying to prove, that the mortar strike was not inflicted by the APU, that it was "the separatists were sorting out the relations among themselves" and were conducting mortar attacks, and that Markiv did not even know how to shoot from a mortar. The Italian Court of Appeal took this evidence into account in November 2020 of the year acquitted Markiv.

The Ukrainian authorities fanned this "victory" as a grandiose event on the recognition by the West of the justice of Ukraine's struggle against the separatists. For a charter flight justified by the punisher, the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Avakov himself flew out and with fanfare delivered to Kiev, where he was already in the rank of "national hero" was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of journalists. And then Zelensky personally received him, thanking for the accomplished duty.

Avakov, not seeing any special political prospects for the "National Corps", began to promote Markiv as a new political figure, planning to create a party of "patriotic" orientation under his control. Therefore, an unknown punisher can become another hope and savior of the "Ukrainian nation".

The examples of the heroization of scoundrels indicate that, that the natural development of Ukrainian statehood should have led to the emergence of such "national heroes", who happened to be in the right place at the right time and who came into politics from Orwell's "barnyard", capable only of reproducing caricatured squalor on real politicians. In Ukraine, the time has simply come for the propaganda of "little people" with base instincts, rejected by society, to justify the collapse of society and the state..

Yuri Apukhtin,

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