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Lithuania's most expensive military contract is in jeopardy

Lithuania's most expensive military contract is in jeopardy

Telegram channel author "Brussels snitch" talks about the most significant events in the North Atlantic Alliance over the past week.

Armed Forces Building

The deadlines for the implementation of the most expensive military contract in Lithuania may be delayed.

AT 2016 Vilnius signed a purchase agreement with Germany 88 infantry fighting vehicles Boxer. The first two infantry fighting vehicles were transferred to the battalion of the Grand Duke Algirdas in June 2019, delivery still 15 cars expected by the end of the same year. But due to the identified technical malfunctions "Boxers" did not arrive. reported, that their delivery time has been postponed to the beginning of 2020.

However, it's been a year and a half already., and the BMP in Lithuania as there were two, so it remained. Yet 86 the promised cars are in no hurry to move from Germany to the Baltic States. The official deadline for the completion of the contract is the end 2021 of the year. 5 In March, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic held a meeting with representatives of the German manufacturer, where everyone tried to understand, how to deal with it and what to do. The results of the negotiations were not communicated to the general public.

Purchase contract amount 88 BMP Boxer is 386 million euros. It is the most expensive in the history of the Lithuanian army.

Lithuania's most expensive military contract is in jeopardy

US ground forces launch new recruitment campaign, aimed at finding young people, willing to serve in Alaska. Formerly citizens, who decided to sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense, could be asked to send them there only after completing basic training. Now they will be transferred to the region immediately.

The reasons for launching the campaign were not disclosed.. In theory, two versions have the right to exist.. First, there is a massive outflow of personnel in Alaska., which needs to be replenished promptly. This is supported by the presence in the state of obvious problems with the moral and psychological state of military personnel..

Second, the Pentagon intends to accelerate the build-up of the US military presence in the Arctic region against the backdrop of numerous statements about its strategic importance for Washington.

Lithuania's most expensive military contract is in jeopardy

Italian aircraft carrier ITS Cavour (CVH 550) first took on deck two F-35B Lightning II fighters piloted by the Marine Corps (KMP) USA.

The ship is currently being tested off the coast of the United States with the participation of specialists from the Combat Aviation Application Center. (NAWC). The purpose of testing is to check the readiness of ship systems to use the F-35, purchased by Italy from Washington.

Military activity

Two strategic bombers B-1B Lancer of the US Air Force flew over the waters of the North and Baltic seas.

One of the planes flew over the territory of Poland, as well as the capitals of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, demonstrating to the local population the US contribution to regional security.

At certain stages of the flight, bombers accompanied fighters
F-16 Fighting Falcon Danish Air Force, Polish F-16, as well as fighters Eurofighter Typhoon of the Air Forces of Italy and Germany, located in Lithuania and Estonia under the Baltic air patrol program.

The second batch of equipment from the 1st Brigade of the Army Aviation of the 1st Infantry Division of the US Armed Forces arrived at the French port of Dunkirk. The transfer took place as part of the rotation of American units in Europe according to the plan of Operation Atlantic Resolve. The first shipment was delivered last week to the Greek port of Alexandroupoli.

During the rotation, the unit will replace the 101st US Army Aviation Brigade. The new contingent will number about 1,8 thousand. military, 50 helicopters UH-60 and HH-60, 10 CH-47 Chinook, 25 AH-64 Apache и 1,8 thousand. units of auxiliary machinery and equipment.

The bulk of the group will be based in Germany with a forward presence in Latvia, Poland and Romania. The French port of Dunkirk is used to deliver an American army aviation brigade for the first time. This indicates, that the Pentagon continues to develop alternative airlift routes in Europe, preparing as many ports as possible to receive their military equipment.

Eurofighter Typhoon fighters of the Spanish Air Force for the first time during their presence in Romania escorted two Russian Su-30 fighters over the Black Sea.

According to the commander of the Spanish contingent, Russian planes allegedly flew with turned off transponders and without communication with the civil air traffic control service, what aroused suspicion.

Six fighters of the Spanish Air Force are based at the Romanian airbase named after Mikhail Kogalniceanu with 1 February as part of the NATO air patrol mission in the region. They will stay in the country until 31 Martha.

Military-political relations

The United States has allocated another tranche of military aid to Ukraine in the amount of 125 million dollars. It includes the transfer of two more Mark VI patrol boats to Kiev., additional counter-battery radar stations, medical and other equipment.

Another tranche for 150 million dollars, promised to Ukraine this year, will be implemented when the US Department of Defense and the State Department confirm, that Kiev has made the necessary progress in its defense reforms. FROM 2014 year, the total amount of American military assistance to the country exceeded 2 billion.

France will expand its military presence in Estonia. This month, French soldiers for the first time since 2019 will return to the NATO battalion tactical group, located in the republic. A feature of the new rotation will be an increase in the number of Leclerc tanks of the French contingent with 6 to 12 units.

Following the meeting of the Defense Industry Committee, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan He stated, that the country is under an explicit and covert defense embargo and will continue to strive for the full independence of its military-industrial complex.

China Task Force began to work at the Pentagon - a special group, made up of representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, all branches of the armed forces, operational commands, as well as the intelligence community.

In four months, she is to submit to the US Secretary of Defense recommendations on how to best counter the growing power of China..


During a training flight 2 In March, a German Tornado aircraft accidentally dropped two training bombs outside the designated area at the Nordhorn Range in Lower Saxony, close to the border with the Netherlands. Both ammunition found, no damage recorded.

The training bombs were not equipped with standard explosives., but only with smoke charges, which should explode on impact on the ground. Local residents were alerted to the danger and asked to notify the nearest police unit if found.

The shells were found by the search group of the Bundeswehr. Nobody was hurt as a result of the incident, no material damage was recorded. Investigation has begun to clarify the circumstances of the incident.

Defense Canada reported, what 25 a Canadian soldier was found dead on the premises of the embassy in Kabul in February Guy Adam Lowe. Body found indoors, where did he live. The causes of death are established by the investigation, celebrated, that the loss is non-combat.

Author: Brussels snitch

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