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Chinese Sohu: Syrian troops carried out a ground operation against militants with the support of the Orion UAV from the air

Chinese Sohu: Syrian troops conducted a ground operation against militants with the support of a UAV «Orion» from the air
China news source Sohu publishes material, which talks about the new activity of militants in Syria. Author notes, that in the past few months, ISIS terrorists have again managed to regroup and create zones of influence in central Syria (*banned in Russia).

The two largest zones of militant control are in the province of Homs and at the junction of the provinces of Hama and Raqqa.. Russian Aerospace Forces and Syrian aviation are active there.

The Chinese "Sohu" celebrates, that the actions of military aviation in such conditions, certainly, harm militants, but it is still impossible to achieve complete and final destruction of ISIS terrorist cells *. Indicates the Afghan experience and Soviet, and American troops, when only ground operations, air-supported, led to victories over militants.

Chinese Sohu: Syrian troops conducted a ground operation against militants with the support of a UAV «Orion» from the air

of material:

The Russian-Syrian coalition has superiority in technology and personnel. But, looks like, it does not always help for operations to destroy disparate groups, guerrilla, sabotage principle. Especially if only aviation is involved.
celebrated, that the use of Syrian troops in ISIS * control zones is limited, since the militants managed to organize several lines of defense in the desert area, equipping underground utilities. There is a danger of great losses.

from the article:

One of the recent successful operations for the Russian-Syrian coalition was the destruction of the cave, in which the militants stored tons of weapons and ammunition. This arsenal was guarded by an impressive group of militants. Almost all of them were destroyed. This raised the morale of the Syrian army in this area - northeast of Palmyra.
According to the reports of the Chinese Sohu, then the ground operation of the CAA was carried out with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces. Indicates the use of the UAV "Orion", a report about which a few days ago appeared on Russian television. Sohu writes, that, with the support of Russian UAVs, Syrian troops (Farm) and carried out a land operation, what led to success.

Chinese press:

With the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the Syrian army was able to enter the zone of control of ISIS fighters * and capture a significant part of their arsenal. Rocket launcher captured, about 30 grenade launchers, 7 large-caliber machine guns, more 40 kg of explosives, hundreds of thousands of different ammunition, dozens of small arms, including assault rifles, tens of kg of medicines.
Application of Afghan experience noted – air support for a land operation.

At the same time, the author in the Chinese media is perplexed, as ISIS fighters *, located in the central part of the country and cut off from borders, were able to get all these weapons, but this is only a part of them - much was destroyed during the airstrike.

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