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Serbia thanked Russia for the transferred T-72MC "White Eagle" tanks

Serbia thanked Russia for the transferred T-72MC tanks «White Eagle»
Serbia thanked Russia for the T-72MS tanks handed over to the Serbian military. The words of gratitude were voiced by the President of the country Aleksandar Vucic, declared, that military equipment will help Belgrade to strengthen its combat power.

Alexander Vucic, together with Defense Minister Neboisha Stefanovich and Russian Ambassador Alexander Botan-Kharchenko, arrived at a military training ground in the vicinity of the city of Niš on Saturday, where they examined the first batch of T-72MS tanks in the amount of 11 pcs, transferred to Serbia by the Russian Ministry of Defense. According to him, the head of Serbia, Russian steel tanks “significant progress for the infantry, as previously transferred BRDM-2”.

I am grateful to Russia and President Putin for that, that they also helped Serbia with this donation. You could see today 11 new tanks T-72MS. Our tankers are happy, tanks have improved protection, improved controls and navigation, I think, that it will increase the combat readiness of our armed forces

Russia donates total to Serbia 30 modernized tanks “White Eagle” from the availability within the framework of the agreement on military-technical cooperation. The first two tanks were delivered 28 October this year with Il-76TD transport aircraft. The unloading of aircraft was carried out at the airfield in Batainice near Belgrade. The delivery of the remaining tanks to the country was not officially covered..

According to a blog bmpd, the modernization of T-72B1 tanks into the T-72MS version was carried out at JSC “61 armored repair plant” (Strelna, St. Petersburg).

T-72MS “White Eagle” equipped with a round-the-clock gunner's sight PN-72 “Pine-in”, commander's round-the-clock panoramic sight PKP-72 “Hawkeye” using a third generation thermal imaging camera, automatic target tracking, chassis information control system, navigation system, new gun stabilizer, as well as a remote-controlled anti-aircraft machine gun. At the same time, dynamic protection “Contact 1” not replaced.

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