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The media named the five most dangerous fighters in the Middle East

The media named the five most dangerous fighters in the Middle East
The American edition of Militari Watch named the five most efficient fighters, in service with the countries of the Middle East. At the same time, aircraft were not included in the rating., deployed by other states on military bases, located in the region, as well as already ordered, but not yet delivered fighters.

1. Su-35 Egypt

so, the rating is opened by the Russian Su-35 fighter of the Egyptian Air Force. reported, that the contract for Russian heavy “elite combat” generation fighters 4++ Egypt has concluded back in 2018 year, and reported this only in 2019 year.

Russian fighter Su-35 is considered the most combat-ready not only in the Middle East, but also in Africa, newspaper writes. The aircraft has a range of advanced technologies, including reduced ESR, engine thrust vector, powerful radar, various weapons, including missiles “air-to-air” with a range of 400 km.

Egypt intends to purchase 20 Su-35 fighters under the first contract and, probably, will conclude the second for the supply of an additional batch of Russian fighters. In the country's Air Force, they will replace the outdated and poorly armed F-16 fighters.

2. F-15SA Saudi Arabia

The media named the five most dangerous fighters in the Middle East
Saudi Arabia in second place with the F-15SA fighter (Saudi Advanced). This heavy strike fighter is the most advanced variant of the F-15, currently in service with many countries. The aircraft began to be delivered back in 2016 year, currently in service with more 70 F-15SA fighters, and also about 70 F-15S fighters, which are upgraded to F-15SA standard, and further 81 older F-15C / D fighter.

According to the newspaper, F-15SA lacks F119 engines and F-22 stealth capabilities. At the same time, the F-15SA has advanced technologies, including new computer architecture and complex electronic warfare systems, cockpit displays and data links.

The fighter develops speed 2,5 Maha, maneuvers freely at high speeds and is able to fight at high altitudes. With powerful and large radars, the aircraft has excellent situational awareness, but not capable of using the latest missiles such as AIM-120D or Meteor.

3. F-35A Israel

The media named the five most dangerous fighters in the Middle East
In third place, the publication placed the fifth-generation fighter F-35A, in service with the Israeli Air Force. This is the only stealth fighter, in service with the Middle East.

The F-35 has a number of advanced technologies and features, it is able to remain invisible to radars and electronic warfare systems, has network-centric combat capabilities. At the same time, the fighter has very modest flight range indicators., height, speed and maneuverability. Internal weapon bays accommodate only four class missiles “air – air” compared with 12 missiles F-15SA and 14 Su-35 missiles.

The main problem of the F-35 is called unpreparedness for high or even medium intensity battles., serious current problems with its design, that, As expected, will not be resolved until 2025 of the year.

4. F-14 Iran

The media named the five most dangerous fighters in the Middle East
In fourth place is the F-14A fighter of the Iranian Air Force. The fighter delivered to Iran in the 70s of the last century was modernized by Iranian specialists., and given Iran's defense cooperation with China and North Korea, we can say, that the fighter received additional capabilities.

Notable improvements include: powerful new radar and new missiles “air-to-air”. New rocket F-14 Fakour 90 is a derivative of the highly efficient American AIM-54 and has an estimated range 300 km and speed, exceeding 5 Maha, making it one of the most powerful missiles in the class “air-to-air” in the world.

At the same time there is, that the missile turned out to be heavy and therefore the fighter can carry only six such missiles.

5. Eurofighter (Tranche 2) Saudi Arabia

The media named the five most dangerous fighters in the Middle East
Fifth place is given to the Eurofighter of the Royal Saudi Air Force. The Saudis were the first from the Gulf countries to purchase this fighter, despite its dubious effectiveness.. His purchase is more likely for political reasons., rather than economic.

The Saudi Air Force uses the Eurofighter as a reliable auxiliary aircraft. Unlike the much more advanced Eurofighters tranche 3, recently ordered by Kuwait, Saudi fighters lack a number of advanced features, such as AESA radars or long-range missiles “air-to-air” Meteor.

Thus, the Eurofighter fighter (Tranche 2) has very mediocre combat capabilities at long distances, and the modernization of aircraft is not yet planned.

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