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"Russia has shown its true face": foreign press on the conclusion of peace in Karabakh

«Russia showed its true face»: foreign press on the conclusion of peace in Karabakh
Turkish and Azerbaijani media write about the "surrender of Armenia". Areas, which are already under the control of Baku, fall under its full jurisdiction. Agdam, Lachin, Kelbajar returned to Azerbaijan within 20 days. Other locations of Artsakh (Stepanakert, Khojaly, Khojavend) are taken under the control of Russian peacekeepers for at least five years, at the same time being legally a part of Azerbaijan and acting as a kind of "cultural autonomy". Armenian troops leave Karabakh completely.

This is Azerbaijan's victory! And for Turkey this is a victory! Since the victory of Azerbaijan is ours too! – writes Voice of Turkey.

Formally, Armenians can return to their places of residence in Artsakh. but, as some publications from Azerbaijan and Turkey explain, in areas, where there will be no peacekeepers from the Russian Federation, there will be no one to protect them.

Many Armenian resources point to the betrayal of the country's interests by the head of the Cabinet:

Nikol Pashinyan signed a shameful surrender, not letting the army fight […] Nikol Pashinyan has just automatically lost his legitimacy. He is no longer the legitimate Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia – writes resource Armenian Military Portal, pointing, what 40 thousand. the soldiers of the Armenian army itself never left their barracks.

Against this background, Russian troops are rapidly entering the territory of Karabakh.. Events began to develop in a hasty manner almost immediately after the accidental defeat of the Mi-24 rotorcraft from the Azerbaijani MANPADS and the subsequent conclusion of an armistice. Western publications immediately drew attention to the possible consequences of the death of the helicopter:

Russia is the only power, which, is believed, able to end this conflict, given her connections with both [opposing] parties and influence on them […] maybe, this latest incident will give Russia a boost – notes Forbes.

Greek press, traditionally supporting Armenia in its confrontation with Turkey, made big headlines, directed against Moscow:

Today is one of the "blackest" pages in the history of Armenia. Yerevan accepted Erdogan's conditions, and Russia has once again shown its true face – the resource Pentapostagma erupted with criticism.

Against this background, the Turkish media call the situational rapprochement of Greece, Armenia and Cyprus by the "alliance of losers", who did not manage to hold a number of territories. apparently, it's easier to blame the Kremlin for all the troubles, than admit your own powerlessness.

«Russia showed its true face»: foreign press on the conclusion of peace in Karabakh

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