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Tu-160 strategic bombers will receive improved engines

Tu-160 strategic bombers will receive improved engines
United Engine Company (CSD), part of the state corporation "Rostec", sent a batch of engines to the Kazan aircraft plant. They are intended for the new strategic bombers Tu-160M.

Sergey Kravchenko said this in an interview with the Zvezda TV channel., Deputy Director of PJSC "ODK-Kuznetsov", responsible for sales and service.

he reported, what is this batch of 25 engines for the Ministry of Defense is the first in recent 25 years. During this time, the company did not produce engines for strategic bombers..

Kravchenko clarified, that the new "strategists" Tu-160M ​​will be equipped with NK-32 series engines 2. The installation will be carried out at the Kazan aircraft plant.

Presenter, who visited Samara at the UEC-Kuznetsov enterprise, where the engines were made, filmed a story about this and talked with the head of the military mission Alexei Volkov.

The engine has become more economical. Tu-160M2 will be able to cover the distance for another 1000 km over, and on special modes and more.
– said the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

The modernized Tu-160M ​​does not differ from the base model in its appearance, but has broader combat capabilities due to the expansion of the types of weapons used. Besides, he will receive the latest NK-32 engine.

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