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"In combat condition, but on autoplatform »: the work of ZRPK "Pantsir" in Libya is discussed on the network

«In combat condition, but on autoplatform»: work ZRPK «shell» in Libya discussed on the net
The video appeared on the network, which has attracted special attention from military experts and ordinary users, those interested in military matters. The post appeared on the Twitter account of Ouais Hasari. The video publication is accompanied by a text stating, what is happening on the video filmed in Libya.

The footage captures an anti-aircraft missile-gun complex (ZRPK) "Carapace", which the, according to the caption to the video, United Arab Emirates supplied the Libyan National Army (LNA). Recall, that the commander of the Libyan National Army is Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

reported, that the shooting was made in the area of ​​El Jufra.

Attention is drawn to the fact, that the ZRPK "Pantsir" is on a wheeled vehicle platform and at the same time - in a combat state. In this regard, questions arose, why it was necessary to bring the air defense complex into a combat state, if he did not even have time to move off the platform of the tractor?

In this regard, numerous assumptions are made: on, that the representatives of the UAE thus decided to show “commodity face” (before the complex was accepted by Haftar's troops) to a more prosaic – the complex had to be put on alert during transportation due to the difficult air situation.

The environment for Haftar's troops was really tense two to three months ago., when the phase of the armed conflict was the most acute. Turkey decided to support the troops of the Government of National Unity in military and military-technical terms (PNE) Fayez Sarraj. One type of assistance – drone strikes on LNA positions and equipment. Turkish “Flags” then caused a fair amount of damage to the LNA, including damage in “Carapaces”.

Noteworthy is one of the comments to the publication with the video:

I hope, that they will still find the right people, trained to use it. It is useless without skills and abilities..

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