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Collision with an unknown submarine named as a possible cause of the Estonia ferry crash

A collision with an unknown submarine was named a possible cause of the ferry disaster «Estonia»
There is a new version of what happened 26 years ago, the crash of the ferry "Estonia". The victims of the disaster in the Baltic Sea then became 852 man.

On the night 27 on 28 September 1994 the ferry "Estonia" followed from Tallinn to Stockholm. On board the ship were 803 passenger and 186 crew members - citizens 17 countries in the world. The ferry went under water 01:48, and 02:12 the first ship arrived at the scene, who received the signal for help – ferry "Mariella". only in 03:05 the first rescue helicopter arrived at the scene of the tragedy. Only managed to save 138 human, one of whom then died in hospital.

Killed and missing 852 man, while it was possible to find bodies only 94 dead. Of 852 more than half of the victims of the disaster (501 human) were citizens of Sweden, yet 285 people were Estonian citizens. Interestingly, were originally included in the list of the saved 8 names, but then they disappeared from him. Nobody else has seen these people. It is not excluded, that they were eliminated in order to hide information about the true causes of the tragedy.

Currently, the ferry "Estonia" is protected by the Law on the Rest of the Dead, diving to the site of the wreck of the ferry and any attempts to investigate the tragedy are prohibited on pain of criminal prosecution. This position of the Estonian, Swedish and Finnish authorities only fuels all kinds of conspiracy theories of the ferry crash, including the version that, that the ferry was involved in the transportation of weapons, remaining after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from the Baltic States.

A collision with an unknown submarine was named a possible cause of the ferry disaster «Estonia»
Memorial to the lost ferry in Tallinn, Estonia

Nevertheless, recently the authors of the documentary Discovery “Estonia: find, which changes everything ", dedicated to the disaster 26 years ago, presented a new and very intriguing version of the causes of the tragedy. As the filmmakers said, a remote-controlled probe launched by them discovered a previously unknown hole in the 4 meter and width 1,2 m.

According to documentary filmmakers, such a hole could only be caused by a powerful external force. Naturally, that such a statement was immediately taken into account by the governments of Sweden and Finland. After all, the mystery of the largest maritime disaster in Europe in peacetime has not yet been solved.

Margus Kurm, who at one time headed the Estonian government commission to investigate the tragedy, He stated, that the most likely cause of the loss of the ferry is its collision with an unknown submarine. According to Kurm, highly unlikely, that the hole was formed as a result of a collision with the bottom or underwater rock.

As is known, Sweden, Finland and Estonia carefully prevent any attempts to independently investigate the causes of the tragedy. If now we are talking about, that the ferry could have died as a result of a collision with a certain submarine, then we should wait for two possible scenarios for further development.

First scenario - information, voiced by documentary filmmakers, try to "shut up", if it becomes known, that the cause of the death of the ferry could be a collision with a submarine of any of the NATO countries, or the same Sweden. Indeed, in this case it will be, that people were killed by a "friendly" submarine.

The second scenario - Russia can be blamed for the Estonia ferry crash, as they like to do in the West lately. It is enough just to throw into the media space the version that, that the ferry collided with a Russian submarine. There will be no proof, but who needs them, if you remember the stories with the poisoning of Skripal or Navalny. Of course, the fact that, that the topic of the Estonia ferry disaster was raised again through 26 years after the tragic events, and even against the backdrop of ongoing opposition to Nord Stream 2.

Author:Ilya Polonsky
used photos:YouTube/M/S Estonia Disaster, Mayday Call ; Wikipedia / Lily frost

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