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Lukashenka made an address to the people on the eve of the elections

Lukashenka made an address to the people on the eve of the elections
President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko made an address to the people and the National Assembly (Parliament of Belarus). Decree on the convocation of an extraordinary session of parliament in Minsk to hear the president's annual message and resolve other issues, Lukashenko signed 24 July.

Traditionally, the President of Belarus makes an address in the spring, but this year it was postponed due to coronavirus.

In his address, Lukashenka stressed, that the nation needs a strong state against the background of recent events in the world. Of course, he touched on the relations between Russia and Belarus, accusing Moscow of replacing fraternal relations with partnerships. But at the same time, he stressed, Russia will always be an ally of Belarus, “whoever is in power”.

Russia has always been, is and will be our closest ally, whoever is in power in Belarus or in Russia. This is an irresistible factor, it is deep inside our peoples. Even though, that fraternal relations with us have changed into partnerships, – in vain
– said the Belarusian leader, adding, that Russia is afraid of losing Belarus, because she has (Russia) there are no more true allies in the world.

He did not ignore and “oil showdown” with Russia, stated, that because of them Minsk lost more 600 millions of dollars. all in all,, according to the Belarusian authorities, the republic has lost about 9,5 billion dollars from expensive loans and “unfair energy prices”.

State policy, Lukashenko noted, that Belarus “is not friends with someone against someone, but develops a multi-vector foreign policy”. He named the republic “the only calm link in the center of Eurasia, living your mind”. he stressed, that the country has reached the limits “revolutions and destruction” in the last century, therefore, there will be no redistribution of property.

Way “to destroy base, and then” – not our way. The Belarusian people exhausted the limits of revolutions and destruction in the last century. There will be no redistribution of property. How does it end, we saw on the example of countries, who tried to take this path
– he said, also rejecting the call to return to the constitution 1994 of the year. According to Lukashenka, such a refund will be “a gift to criminals and criminal business”. Besides, he denied rumors about the privatization of agricultural land.

And of course Lukashenka, meeting for the sixth presidential term, denied rumors of alleged fraud ahead of the presidential election.

No one is going to steal anyone's votes, no matter how we are accused of censorship. We created the country ourselves, where the voice of youth is heard more than ever
– he said.

In doing so, he called on his opponents “do not get underfoot” and no “get in the way of saving the country”. And the citizens of the republic Lukashenko urged not to believe the presidential candidates, “promising mountains of gold”, because there are no miracles.

And of course, Lukashenko commented on the detention of Russian citizens, stated, that they were sent specifically to Belarus, and all other statements are lies. According to him, they testified, that were sent specially to the republic, and tickets to Istanbul are legendary.

Billions of resources thrown against Belarusians, the latest technology mobilized. I am surprised to observe a certain discussion… on the Internet about the recent arrest 33 militants in Belarus, what conclusions and suggestions are there. Got to that, that the two presidents have agreed. This is a very dangerous and strong signal.. And all this is a lie. About Istanbul, about Venezuela, about Africa and Libya
– he added.

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