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US and coronavirus: three uncomfortable questions

US and coronavirus: three uncomfortable questions

Let's ask ourselves: that in reality can stand behind the words US Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Ricker, explicitly declare our country in the conduct of "disinformation" campaign regarding, that the United States are involved in the emergence and spread of infections in China in 2019-nCoV? Without doubt, this move is, first of all, "An injection of anti-Russian", as it is rightly appreciated in the domestic foreign ministry. But, at the same time, in accordance with well-known Russian proverb, what is happening to the extreme like the situation with the self-ignition of the headdress on, who has just heartily poked around in other people's pockets. Something painfully in Washington into a fuss about it. Why's that?I do not intend to put forward any wrongdoing. Equally, like say anything, I am trying to convince you, that the outbreak of coronavirus, threatening the planet today, It has a direct link with the deliberate and intentional actions of various organizations, institutions or individuals from the United States of America. I just suggest that you look for answers in all three sets of questions, set out below. What conclusions did you come to the end - your own business. However, all of us think clearly there is something.

1. Where so many "coincidences"?

Just make a reservation - in any history, affecting the interests of more than, than two or three individuals, and assuming the financial implications for the amount of, exceeding a hundred or two rubles (or dollars), use the terms such as "coincidence" and "chance" I believe absolutely unacceptable deed. It does not happen. And when "on the line" cost the lives of millions and economic interests, amount to tens and hundreds of billions - all the more. In the case of Coronavirus not too many details, that says, and downright screaming shouts, that about any "circumstances" is not necessary to speak. First of all - a relatively simple parameters: place and time. The epidemic of "reason" is flashing on the eve of Chinese New Year, more, than 100% It ensures maximum damage and maximum human virus as it spread through the intrinsic Celestial seasonal migration flows. Normally during this period (According to official Chinese data) rail transports in the country a little less than half a billion passengers, and more about 100 thousands of its citizens traveling by planes. Take the Beijing slightly lower efficiency, determination and self-discipline in matters of quarantine restrictions and freedom of movement - and today the most severe epidemic would have been engulfed in the whole of China. And it makes us go to the place of issue, where all, as a matter of fact, and began. If we assume, that someone chose an ideal point of attack, then it had become just Wuhan. If only by virtue of, there is located a diplomatic representation from the US, Allows you to find in American citizens, having immunity and, so to speak, a definite official affiliation. But it's not just China etom.Krupneyshy transport hub, having an equal distance from Shanghai and Hong Kong (about 800 km) - that the cities, which defeated the disease would be extremely disadvantageous just for US. The first one is too many representatives of US corporations, which employs US citizens - people are not the lowest level in the management. In the second, a long time continuing riots, in inciting that Americans have invested quite a lot of power, Tools & Resources. But the capacity of the concern Apple, company, which is so wanted to "return home" Donald Trump, and that "rested" on this issue long and hard the rest, They are to the epicenter of the disease almost half closer. And today, as easy to guess, stopped completely. According to the Nikkei Asian Review world may soon remain without any brand-new iPhone… Howbeit, but the emergence of the epidemic in 2019-nCoV happened at the moment of climactic phase of the "trade war" between Washington and Beijing, practically, coinciding with the first phase of the transaction signing, which can be either a short-term truce, after which the struggle will continue with poorly predictable result, or… The beginning of the forced surrender of the Chinese comrades, at all times, preferring to sacrifice small, so as not to lose everything. K back, is very similar, everything goes. "The war on two fronts" - and with US duties, and Coronavirus, Celestial, may well be, will survive. The only question is - at what cost? The current situation clearly gives a clear advantage to the United States in all future disputes and conflicts with China. Anyway - in the near future.

2. Why 2019-nCoV so similar to artificial etnovirus?

Konspirologiya, tell? no illnesses, capable of selectively affects only the representatives of one nation, race, ethnic group does not exist, never existed and can not exist in principle,?! Well, and how then to be with a lot of serious documentary evidence that, that the work on this subject have been initiated, least, a few decades ago and continues to this day? In the late 70-ies of the last century there was a top-secret project "Beach" in South Africa, the purpose of which was to create a bioweapon, capable of destroying only people with black skin. It was then (also match?) The Soviet Union sent to the UN proposal for a new international agreement, prohibiting the development and creation of new types of weapons of mass destruction, among which it was listed and "ethnic weapons". Soviet military intelligence service worked on conscience… Theoretically, there are genetic engineering techniques, minutes gf RNA interference, the creators of which have received quite real "Nobel Prize" for his development, allowing to develop viruses, which will infect and kill very clear and differentiated. Yes, in the scientific world such an idea is considered to be extremely difficult in practice implemented, but when you consider the enormous amount, which invested in the development of military Pentagon, to talk about the complete impossibility does not have to. I'd like to answer the question: why almost all of the most deadly infectious disease in the world in recent years has its epicenter, the overwhelming majority, Southeast Asia? «Atipichnaya pneumonia», flus "swine" and "bird", now here in 2019-nCoV… We will charge all of habit to "coincidence" or ponder: It does not try some trial and error to find the "ultimate weapon" against a particular ethnic group?Today, scientists from around the world vying say about the many "oddities" relatively struck China ailments. A growing number of them are beginning to assume its completely artificial nature. This is the conclusion, eg, Scientists from the Delhi State University. Jawaharlal Nehru, zayavyvshye, that the 2019-nCoV is tricky "assembly" of the two different types of coronavirus, characteristic of animals, with the addition of certain "inserts", most resemble in character… SPID! the, that this virus is almost 80% repeats a "SARS" or SARS, It is its "augmented" and "improved" version, It has been proved completely. so here: About, that SARS in any case could not occur naturally (let's, as a result of mutations), God knows when we wrote these publications, как The Lancet, Science и New England Journal of Medicine. This is not the "yellow press", gentlemen! it, respectively, one of the most influential US medical journals, as well as the official organ of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Massachusetts Medical Society. To the credit of Russian scientists should be added, that the "SARS" on the clearly artificial origin in 2003 He was declared and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sergey Kolesnikov geneticist. he also, by the way, He pointed out, that it affects mostly Asians, representatives of the Mongoloid race. AND, incidentally, but as we have statistics regarding deaths from 2019-nCoV? As of this writing - from 2400 plus deaths - only 20 outside of China (and no fact, that the dead do not come from there, too,). As far as, It has highlighted the so-called "input cell" coronavirus, geneticists called ACE2. According to them, there is one, usually, only Asian male. Not "ethnic virus"?

3. Why does the US behave, if they are known and prepared?

We must pay tribute to the Americans - from the very beginning of the epidemic, they are extremely cynical, rejecting even the usual hypocrisy for themselves. Consulate General in Wuhan were they evacuated Cache. At the same time a couple of days on the news site, "Xinhua" was published a statement representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying, Characterize the actions of the United States, as "more, than untimely, ungenerous and very unfavorable ". it was, kind of, the ban on travel to China and strongly inflated by US media hysteria about coronavirus. But it is about them? Exercises on large-scale events in terms of biological contamination conducted by the Pentagon with a big scale and very regularly. Last time such maneuvers, which they were involved not only military, but also from many other government services and departments, were there just last year. One consisted of the legends "to ensure the transport of biological material, representing increased danger ", and it was in the loading and unloading planes with their ultra-secure containers… virus samples? infected people? Such details are not shared with the media. by the way, Interestingly, working out with the utmost punctuality "joint response to the threat of biological natural or synthetic origin" is held by the US military in conjunction with the South Korean army. again Asia… It happens every year, beginning with 2011. About US biological laboratories, with respect to whom there are well-founded suspicions about their involvement in the development of biological weapons, It has been written a lot. And still…hundreds of such, completely secret facilities, exist, practically, around the world. However, particularly large number of them for some reason, are located along the borders of Russia and China. Development of the "election" of biological weapons requires the utmost accuracy and consideration of all without exception, the local settings. This is not a conventional bombs. Now - about one of the most interesting American organization, not remember that in the context under discussion would be simply unforgivable mistake. Speech on Health Safety Center Johns Hopkins. Employees of the Center regularly very interesting simulation, represent, in fact, a sort of command post exercises, Only in case of no war, namely the global epidemic. The first such simulation, code-named "Dark Winter" took place in the summer 2001 of the year. Last, "Event 201" (the fourth) - In November 2019 of the year. In both cases, the "legend" is a comprehensive pandemic. During the "Events 201" as the cause of such clearly indicates coronavirus. Both "war games" directly preceded the outbreak of the time in China - in the first case of SARS, во втором - 2019-peak. What you have an explanation for this? Well, and the "snack" – a few far less ambitious, but more, than eloquent details. Wuhan became the first place in China, which it was launched a real network 5G. US absolutely ready at any cost to prevent "penetration into the world" is the technology in the Chinese version. As became known, Washington refused to evacuate its citizens on board the cruise liner Diamond Princess, where are 330 Americans, despite the willingness of the Japanese authorities to let them go back home. Wherein 14 passenger liner - US citizens, whose presence was confirmed in 2019-nCoV, They were taken from his side, and allegedly returned home with the room in strict isolation. More than strange logic of action, you do not find? By the way, Pentagon from the beginning showing increased activity in all matters, related coronavirus. This tranquil and business activity - if knows, with which it has a conclusion, I want delo.V, Again on anything without insisting and saying nothing for certain, recall: The United States has at least once implemented, practically, complete the genocide of an entire vast ethnic group, using, in fact, "Selective bioweapons". Yes, yes - talking about indigenous population of the US, North American Indians, those whose ancestors, who today holds leading positions in the White House, and the State Department, CIA and Pentagon, It sits in Congress, quietly poisoned by a smallpox-infected blankets. In Anglo-Saxon law it is called "precedent"…If someone is willing to contradict me, but only argued, no "debate" in the style of "this can not be, because it can never be "and move exclusively to the author's identity - you are welcome. It is also very much like to get an answer to another question: How could it happen, that one of the most acute outbreaks coronavirus outside China at the present moment is not recorded anywhere, and in Iran?! The word "accident" ask not to use.

Author: Alexander Neukropny

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