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History caliber: superpatron Stalin 20h150R for MFR

History caliber: superpatron Stalin 20h150R for MFR

tell, both during World War II, the domestic powerful cartridge for MFI was created, which has failed to show good results on tests

As is known, the distinction between large-caliber rifles / machine guns and small-caliber cannons pretty thin. Anti-tank guns in this sense, stood out. Yet ammunition corresponded usually termed cartridges. Although some of them, in particular 20h150R cartridge, which will be discussed today, I could make many shells blush for their tiny size and general worthlessness.

History caliber: superpatron Stalin 20h150R for MFR

22 June 1941 the Red Army went to war, having to chuck arms 14,5 mm. But if anti-cartridge was at least in some form (with the production of the most armor-piercing version - bullet BS-41 also had problems), the question of the anti-tank guns remained open.

Formally adopted in 1939 g. PTR Rukavishnikova have not been able to bring to mind, as well as its main rival - PTR Vladimirov. New versions of the PTR Simon and Degtyareva were developed in the shortest possible time and immediately launched into a series of. This rush is quite auknulos later, but at that moment the desire to give the infantry a means of combating tanks outweighed all other considerations.

In addition, quite a few in the GAC regarded PTRD and PTSD as a temporary phenomenon. The shelling of captured German tanks quite clearly shows, that the penetration of 40 mm armor is not always enough - the new "treshki" and the "quartet", and "shturmgeshutts" self-propelled guns have to grow up to the frontal armor 50-60 mm, and it was clear, armor that growth will continue.

In response, the Soviet military strongly asked designers to accelerate work on a more powerful PTR.

Antitank rifle RES (Rashkova, Ermolaeva, Sluhotskogo) received for tests shooting Polygon GAU spacecraft in March 1942 of the year. That cartridge was developed for him 20h150R, although the term "cartridge" in this case is greatly desired be quoted - 20 mm bullet designers have borrowed from cannons ShVAK, a sleeve generally taken from 45 mm anti-tank gun. The very size of MFI was approaching quite small gun.

Already at the first trial one of the cartridge options at speed 1267,3 m / s confidently struck 60 mm cemented armor plate at a distance 100 m.

true, the mere breaking of the military happy, but few - the PEC limped accuracy, Besides, testers series of comments on the gun design was suggested: pitching shoulder rest because of the unreliable connection hinge, looseness flies, the absence of prior descent, small firing angles in the vertical plane, inconvenience perekatki rinks, carrying by hand and so on.

History caliber: superpatron Stalin 20h150R for MFR

It took several months of designers perfecting a new MFI. Finally, the test results in August 1942 , GAU recommended to issue an experimental batch PTR PEC and cartridges to them for advanced military trials. GKO decree signed by IV. Stalin instructing to make a series of 50 pieces by the PEC 1 November.

It would seem, time enough, to fly to the 43rd a new German "Menagerie" at the Kursk Bulge met is no longer considered experimental, and mass serial PTR RES. But in a Soviet-made during the war, even the personal signature of Generalissimo does not guarantee, that the work will be performed, not to mention the upcoming deadlines. Military trials of an experimental batch RES passed in August ... 1943 of the year.

Generally, reviews were quite positive parts, but by that time it became another extremely unpleasant for the Russian anti-tank rifle detail - the Germans began mass installed on your armor side skirts. Carried out attacks on captured tanks and self-propelled guns clearly shown, that is relatively thin (4-5 mm) board screen makes even the old model of German engineering are insensitive to the bullets of the PTR.

History caliber: superpatron Stalin 20h150R for MFR

Hastily developed the first versions protivoekrannyh bullets special results of penetration was not given, but on another test PTR PEC when shooting at 300 meters demonstrated accuracy equal to R100 150 See - while requiring no more war 60 cm. To solve this problem so plainly and could not even fly to the 44th. reluctantly, GAC agreed in, that even with a "bunch" to live - a German tank large, somewhere to let fall.

Development of the protivoekrannogo cartridge lasted until the spring of '45 and ended ..., in fact, does - many proven options no special achievements demonstrate and could not. In the end of April 1945 , a new pilot batch PTR RES was sent to the parts for the next test ... but this time around the positive reviews were not able to play a special role. War, for which created the PEC, already over, and the future looked more tempting grenade.

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