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Chinese general said, that the MiG-21 was shot down by the Indian Air Force is not the F-16

In China, commented on the air battle between the Indian and Pakistani Air Force, held 27 of February in the border area. Recall, what, on the Indian version, MiG-21 Indian Air Force missile R-73 shot down F-16, and after another 16 F-Pakistani Air struck by MIG-21 rocket AIM-120 AMRAAM, shooting down aircraft, manned Abhinandanom Varthamanom. According to the Pakistani version, F-16 aircraft shot down was not.

Китайский генерал заявил, что МиГ-21 ВВС Индии был сбит не F-16

The Chinese press published statements by professors of the National Defense Institute of Chinese PLA (retired general) Yunnan Jin, who claims, that the MiG-21 Indian Air Force was shot down by a rocket is not on board the F-16, and on board JF-17. This fighter-bomber, which was created in China and Pakistan cooperation. Name in Chinese version – Chengdu FC-1.

It should be noted, that was originally in the media of Pakistan, it was stated that, that the MiG-21 was shot down by the Indian Air Force it is JF-17 and only then began to talk about the use of missile aircraft F-16.

General Tszini Yunnan:

The Indian side tried to find the reasons for his loss, calling those F-16s. But the United States long ago ceased F-16 deliveries to Pakistan, and Pakistani Air Force had less than 20 such aircraft, capable of combat operations. Besides, Pakistan has previously signed an agreement prohibiting the use of the F-16 and their arms for offensive operations, and it was just offensive, as reported by the Indian military command itself.

Also, the Chinese professor says, that Pakistan did not make sense to use the F-16, since the same planes with US technology would supply India (version F-21). General Jin believes, that the US has informed India about the weapons capabilities of these aircraft, the parameters of the action on-board radar and other characteristics.

Based on this, an expert from the Institute for the training of military specialists concludes, Pakistan F-16 vs. MiG-21 did not apply, and to use the Chinese-Pakistani JF-17.

The same Chinese general criticized the MiG-21, used by the Indian Air Force, noting, that the aircraft avionics outdated and do not meet modern requirements of arms control system.

In India, commented on the statements of the Chinese expert, noting, it looks like a "cheap attempt to advertise the JF-17". Also, the retired general in India absentia asked: why did not he commented that, for whatever reason, to the territory of India flew missiles AMRAAM American production, if, According to Jin, Our F-16, or AMRAAM Pakistan is not used.