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Two of the crash - a sign of strength or weakness?

two plane crash – a sign of strength or weakness?

Online users are actively discussing the collapse of our aircraft.

Strategic bomber Tu-22M3 crashed in the Murmansk region, previously over the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan faced two fighter-bomber Su-34. there are victims.

Together with the patriots of their country, I extend condolences to the families of pilots. But, Unfortunately, there are those, who rejoices, We are seeing in these catastrophes of our weakness. Them today and I want to answer.

Yes, tragedy happened. Military service is always fraught with risk to life, and even in times of peace, any army in the world sometimes bears losses. But if we look at the nature of the accident - it becomes obvious, they are a sign of strength, not weakness.

strangely? give razberёmsya. Cause of the accident did not become a technical failure or pilot inexperience. Aircraft crashed, performing maneuvers, that none of the pilot in the world just will not do. The bomber got into a hurricane blizzard, in an unrealistically catastrophic conditions. For all existing rules he had to move to an alternate airfield. But - it is Russia's strategic aviation, for it is not "bad weather", it is obliged to practice landing in all weather conditions. Preflight otraʙatыvali maneuver, as close to real combat conditions, when it is necessary to be able to sit down or break. Yes, they broke - but solving the problem, for which none of the crew of the world do not even undertake to.

Further. Two of our fighters, SU-34 was performed flight in bad weather conditions and hooked wings. Because our pilots must be able to fly almost a meter apart. for example, to confuse enemy radar. It is the pinnacle of craftsmanship, it requires almost supernatural merge with the plane! Our troops all pilots learn to do, that not every stuntman dare repeat.

In the clash of the Su-34, as well as in the collapse of the bomber, no technical fault, no signs of poor training of pilots. But they have clear evidence of training on the brink of a possible. Yes, Unfortunately, These workouts are not always successful. May be, in one case out of a hundred we fail. But we split, learning to do, that others do not even try. And so our pilots surpass all others on some orders.

Thanks to the defenders of the homeland for their hard and dangerous service. And eternal memory of soldiers, lay your head for the inviolability of our borders in peacetime.

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