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9h39mm SP-6

  9h39mm SP-6

9h39mm SP-6 - description and specifications


9h39mm SP-6



weapon type

AC «Shaft», OC-14 "Groza"

Beg. bullet speed, m / s


Muzzle energy bullets, J.


bullet weight, g


Sometimes 20 meters effective range is quite insufficient, and you can not make noise. Middle-distance (up to 300-400 meters) circuit with gas otsechkoy, in SP-3, SP-4, it becomes unacceptable, and only the above scheme "subsonic cartridge can work here + muffler".

In the USSR, the cartridge "FF" was created on the basis of a standard cartridge 7.62h39mm (reduced speed) with a heavy 12-gram bullet. This cartridge was designed for use in the ATM with PBS (silencer unit, it - muffler). On the basis of this cartridge in the 80s it was designed cartridges SP-6 caliber 9mm.

The sleeve holder is a sleeve on the chuck 7.62h39mm, to dulcitol, pereobschatym a 9mm bullet.

Cartridge SP-6 is the "assault" and is designed to engage targets, who had taken refuge in cars or protected body armor. Bullet SP-6 has a weight 16,2 grams and tempered steel core. In the bullet head core protrudes from the shell under bullets (ie soft point bullet).

Speed ​​bullet is fired from a sniper rifle special BCC "Vintorez" or automaton AS "Val" of 280-300 m / s. Muzzle energy - 600-700 J., which is approximately twice the muzzle energy of a bullet cartridge 9 mm NATO, released from the popular "quiet" submachine gun Heckler Koch MP-5SD.

Bullet cartridge SP-6 and its later modifications and cheap PAB-9 (bullet weight 17 gram) pierce 8-mm steel sheet 100m distance or hit the target, protected by body armor protection class 2-3 300-400 meters.

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