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appointed commander 5 US Navy - instead committed suicide Admiral

It is an official confirmation of the appointment by the US Congress Vice Admiral Jim Malloy as the new commander 5 Navy and the US Navy Central Command.

Recall, the previous chapter 5 Fleet Amiran Scott Sterni (58 years) He was found dead last week at his home.

TV channels CBS-News, citing anonymous US Navy officers, reported, that the admiral's death was, “probably”, suicide, but the Pentagon has officially declined to name the cause of death of the former head of the Central Command, pending investigation.

The new head of US Central Command, commanding 5 US Navy and head of the International Department for the fight against terrorism and piracy, already it has extensive experience of service in the region (Persian Gulf, north-east of the Indian Ocean).

Назначен командующий 5 флотом США – вместо покончившего с собой адмирала
Admiral Jim Malloy – new commander 5 US Navy and grouping their forces in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.
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AT 1986 was born in Silver Springs (Maryland) Jim Malloy finished his studies at the Naval Academy; for a long time, he served in the Middle East region as an international coordinator of the US Central Command after the attacks 11 September.

Besides, Vice-Admiral Mullen served as commander of the first assistant 5 Fleet and deputy commander of the aircraft carrier group, deployed in the region “around” the impact of an aircraft carrier "Dwight Eisenhower". Also among the track record of the new commander of US Naval Forces in the Middle East region can note the position of the commander of a group of destroyers as part of Middle East Task Forse 55 and Commander Coaltion Task Group 152, to operate in the area of ​​Bahrain, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.



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