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Buryat police requested IP-address of the reader comments in the local newspaper

In the Republic of Buryatia has proved a strange situation. Local edition of "Number One" published material, which reported, that Republican officials are going to renew the fleet of cars, the price of which exceeds 1,5 million rubles. In particular, the material says, that officials buy sedans from engine sizes 2,3 l by 1,687 million rubles., as well as furniture at immodest prices - for example, desk for 60 thousand. However, the same article talks about the purchase of more budget options for cars and furniture for government. for example, office furniture for 30 thousand – the price is quite reasonable for an office cabinet.

Generally, it was a post, which actually, not classified as sensational. At the same time, it caused a lot of negative comments from the residents of the republic in relation to representatives of the regional authorities.. It would seem, a common thing - journalists published information, readers reacted. But now it turns out, that law enforcement officers were interested in the comments on that very article. This is reported on the website of the Buryat edition..

A letter was addressed to the editor-in-chief from the Center for Combating Extremism and from Department "K". Police “asks” Oksana Sazhinov (headline editions) provide them with personal data of the reader, who expressed his opinion on the procurement, carried out by representatives of regional authorities.

So, announced the need to provide the police with the IP address of the "commentator". The reason is, that individual readers who commented on the note, according to the police, “incline to obstruct the activities of state bodies”.

Бурятская полиция запросила IP-адрес читателя за комментарии в местной газете

The editors responded by email., in which she reported, that is not authorized to provide IP addresses, as it would be a violation of the law on personal data.

Бурятская полиция запросила IP-адрес читателя за комментарии в местной газете

At the same time, the editorial office of the newspaper appealed to its readers with a request not to violate the rules for commenting on materials on the site.. also noted, what about the hosted publication of questions from the side “Roskomnadzor” did not arise.

But the very fact of requests for granting “ah-pee” addresses of readers from the republican bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (and even the anti-extremist unit) provoked an extremely negative reaction from the reader community. People in new comments urged police officers to investigate real criminal cases to find dangerous criminals, and not attempts to settle scores with ordinary citizens. Many, in protest, began to publish their IP addresses in the comments under the articles..



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