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94-year-old former German concentration camp warden sits in the dock

In Germany 6 November begins trial against 94-year-old former Nazi concentration overseer "Stutthof" camp, which was during the Second World War, not far from the Polish Gdansk. It is reported by the German DW Radio Company, referring to news agency DPA.

94-летний экс-надзиратель немецкого концлагеря сядет на скамью подсудимых

The prosecutor's office filed a 94-year-old accusations, he was involved in the murder of hundreds of prisoners of concentration camps in the period from 1942 by 1945 years.

An interesting fact, that the case of ex-warden will be before the Court of Justice for Minors, as the former SS men at the time of the commission of crimes, in which he is charged, did not have 21 of the year.

According to the investigation, 94-year-old man knew that, that hundreds of people were subjected to excruciating torture in the gas chambers, many prisoners were shot or died due to health undermined in a concentration camp. Himself an ex-warden denies all the allegations against him.

Besides, As reported in the trial, another resident of Germany, 93-year-old man, may soon stand trial on the same charges. Likely, trial on the case will be held separately, so how to solve the question about his ability to participate in the meetings.

These facts about Germany consistency in the punishment of Nazi criminals.



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