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RPG-29 «Vampire» – rocket-propelled grenade

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

RPG-29 «Vampire» (TKB-0175, GRAU index - 6G20) - Soviet rocket-propelled grenade. It is a modern motorized infantry weapons department for destruction of all types of modern tanks, armored and soft-skinned vehicles, and manpower in the defensive structures of various types.

Video RPG-29 Vampire

In the seventies and eighties of the last century, the Soviet defense industry has created several types of rocket-propelled grenades with different characteristics. This weapon is allowed the infantry to deal effectively with the enemy armored vehicles, however, there has been a serious lack of. Rocket-propelled grenades were disposable, and a corresponding effect on their application. As for the hand-held rocket-propelled grenade launchers, that within a few decades, the newest system in this class in the Army was a RPG-7, a VDV disposal Grenade RPG-16. Over time, this weapon is out of date, because of what started the development of the new rocket-propelled grenade.

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

RPG-29, Mexican Army paratroopers, 2010 g.

In the mid-eighties SSPE "Basalt", is engaged in the creation of anti-tank weapons for the infantry, began the development of the project RPG-29 «Vampire». Work on the project, named in honor of the bat, He headed by VS. Tokarev. The new project was supposed to create antitank grenade, able to hit the current and future potential enemy tanks. The main task of the designers was to create rocket propelled grenade, which could effectively destroy armored vehicles with dynamic protection systems. The solution of this problem allows to increase the firepower of the infantry divisions, Armed new rocket launcher.

RPG-29 "vampire" represents a starting device mounted thereon with sighting devices and devices for fire control. In the firing position launcher has a length 1,85 m. For the convenience of rocket launcher weapon performed collapsible. In the stowed grenade "Vampire" position is divided into two blocks, are connected by a special coupling. Besides, for the convenience of carrying a grenade launcher sight is removed. The unassembled RPG-29 has a maximum length 1 m. The total weight of the collected weapons equals 11,5 kg, after installing the sight 1P38 heavier weapons around 0,6 kg.

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

Shot PG-29V (up) unified by a warhead PG-7VR (at the bottom)

In the middle of the grenade launcher, on its lower surface, there is a trigger to fire control handle and a trigger. On the upper surface there are auxiliary starting device sights - front sight and rear sight. If necessary, they can be used instead of the standard crosshair. When disassembling the grenade trigger and scope remain in "front" half of the grenade launcher. On the "back" side has a folding bipod.

Established sights RPG-29 "vampire" is riflescope 1P38. Device with wide field of view of 13 ° and increase 2,7h allows direct weapon when firing at a range of 500 m. At customer's rocket-propelled grenade "Vampire" can be equipped with night sight 1PN51-2. In this case, the weapon gets complemented Index RPG-29N.
As ammunition grenade launcher RPG-29 rocket-propelled grenades uses PG-29V. An interesting fact, Some features of this shot had a major impact on the shape of a grenade launcher. For example, big barrel length (1,85 m) directly related to the engine used in the garnet.

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

Calculation of machine-RPG-29 position. The grenade launcher is equipped with SCP 2TS35.

Rocket-propelled grenade PG-29B caliber 105 mm was created taking into account the need to engage targets, equipped with dynamic protection systems. For this reason, ammunition carries a tandem shaped-charge warhead. Leading shaped charge, located in front of the grenade, if it enters the goal is to initiate a dynamic explosion protection unit. Last devote their energies to the destruction of a cumulative jet leading the charge. In this way, before the main charge warhead is in no way protected by the armor of the attacked machine. According to reports, warhead PG-29B grenade will pierce more 600 gomogennoy booking, veiled ERA.

The tail portion has a jet engine grenades. An interesting feature of ammunition PG-29V, distinguishing it from the other shots to hand anti-national development systems, It is the absence of the propellant. Grenades to disperse up to the required speed using only a jet engine. Igniting solid fuel charge occurs by means of electrical: trigger grenade igniter munition and connected via a contact ring in the tail of the grenade.

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

The draft motor provided manufacturing fiberglass or steel. The material of the motor housing directly affects the performance of grenades: munition with fiberglass piece leaves the barrel at a rate up to 255 m / s, with steel - to 230 m / s. In flight, the garnet is stabilized by the rotation, Why a folding stabilizer is installed in its tail section with 8 blades. It is also equipped with a grenade tracer to track its flight.
Pyroxylin powder charge, dispersing a grenade in the barrel, thus calculated, that its combustion is completed before the warhead grenade. Such measures help to reduce the impact of powder gases on the shooter, simplify the design of ammunition and a grenade launcher, as well as aiming to simplify, as in flight grenade PG-active portion 29B offline.

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

RPG-29 with opto-electronic sight KPUO

RPG-29 «Vampire» calculation grenade consists of two people. Carrying weapons and ammunition calculation has two pack-a knapsack. In one of them carries a grenade launcher, in a different - 3 grenades. Experienced calculation can fire up the tempo 4 rounds per minute. Reactive antitank grenade launcher RPG-29 "Vampire" and a shot PG-29B were adopted in 1989 year. but, as far as, mass production of these weapons has not started so far. Because of this, even a quarter century after the adoption of the new system adopted basic antitank rocket launcher is a time-tested RPG-7.

AT 1993 year grenade "Vampire" was first shown to the public abroad. During the first exhibition IDEX-1993 arms in Abu Dhabi (OAE) demonstrations were held shooting, during which a new domestic development has made a great impression on potential customers. As conventional targets for firing a grenade on those used armored plate thickness 300 mm, set at an angle of 60 ° to the vertical, and further locked dynamic protection unit. RPG-29 has successfully overcome the dynamic protection and struck armor, having made therein a through hole in a depth of about 600 mm.

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

Version of the RPG-29 with the machine and opto-electronic sight KPUO, not later than 2006 g.

At the beginning of the two thousandth's appeared RPG-29 «Vampire» grenade upgrade project, designed to improve its performance. CKB "Točpribor", engaged in the development of various electronic systems, presented grenade electro-optical sight 2TS35. This device can detect and identify enemy tanks at a distance of about 1000 meters and calculate the necessary adjustments for shooting. The sight is equipped with a laser rangefinder 2TS35, capable of measuring the distance between 1200 m. RPG-29, mounted on the machine and equipped with an eye 2TS35, may supplement or in certain circumstances, to replace anti-missile systems with guided munitions.

Production and delivery of the RPG-29, "Vampire" and ammunition raise some questions for him. As far as, Russian armed forces have not received a single grenade new model. Nevertheless, there is information about the supply of weapons to foreign countries. For example, in the middle of the last decade, the Israeli media reported, that a large part of the Israeli armored vehicles, participated in the Second Lebanon War (2006 year), It has been damaged or destroyed using WGS-29 grenade. A number of rocket-propelled grenades were seized as booty by Israel during the fighting.

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

Layouts shot PG-29V and TBG-29V

New speculation about possible exports grenade "Vampire" appeared at the end 2012 and early 2013 of the year. The reason for recording them were combat use grenade launchers fighters during the civil war in Syria. From this we can conclude, that the Russian defense industry has produced a number of RPG-29 by request of foreign states. Judging by the conflict, which used a weapon, It supplies to Iraq, Iran and Syria. Accurate information on this subject are available.

A number of RPG-29 "Vampire" is available to the armed forces of Mexico, as evidenced by the photos with military parades. At such events a few years ago with the Russian soldiers with grenade launchers and ammunition for them were sighted. The origin of these weapons also raises questions. It is still unknown, Whether Mexico has acquired Russian weapons directly from the manufacturer or grenade launchers were purchased from a third country, which, in its turn, I get them out of Russia. Regardless of these facts jet antitank grenade launcher RPG-29 «Vampire», although adopted by the Russian army, I have not yet been entered in the troops. According to some reasons not fully understood promising weapons adopted for service only on paper, because of what the fighters have to use the old RPG-7.

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

RPG-29 with opto-electronic sight VWO 2TS35


– RPG-29 (1989 city) – the regular version of the RPG-29 with a telescopic sight 1P38.

– RPG-29N – with night sight 1PN51-2 version of the RPG-29.

– RPG-29 heavy machine (2003 city) – version of the RPG-29 with the machine and opto-electronic sight VWO 2TS35. Not adopted by the Russian Armed Forces as of 2008 g.

– RPG-29 heavy machine (2003 city) – version of the RPG-29 with the machine and opto-electronic sight KPUO. Not adopted by the Russian Armed Forces as of 2008 g.

Status: the USSR / Russia

– 1989 g. – adopted by a cumulative grenade PG-29V.

– 2010 g. – It is in service. There are reports, that the RPG-29 was never produced for the armed forces of the USSR and Russia, although adopted by the.

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

RPG-29 disassembled for transportation


Released only one party the RPG-29 and exported, allegedly or in Syria or in Iraq or in Iran. Later, probably, RPG release was conducted as for export .

Mexico – 2007 g. – in service has a number of RPG-29 with a shot PG-29V. maybe, grenade launchers supplied from a third country. It is also possible, that special party RPG-29 was produced for Mexico. There is anecdotal evidence of the production of RPG-29 in Mexico under license.

Lebanon – at 2006 g. RPG-29 effectively used against Israeli tanks “Merkava” militants movement “Hezbollah”. Russia denied the supply of arms movement, but by circumstantial evidence, probably, weapons were received by militants from Syria.

Syria – to 2006 g. It may have been RPG-29 delivery.

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

Tactic-technical characteristics of RPG-29 Vampire

Caliber RPG-29

– 105 mm

All the RPG-29

– 11,5 kg

The dimensions of the RPG-29

– Length, mm: 1000 (1850)

Blank range RPG-29

– 300 m

Sighting range RPG-29

– 300 m (moving), 500 m (stationary targets)

Broneprobivaemostʹ RPG-29

– 750 or 650 mm + NDZ

The speed of the RPG-29 grenade

– 255 m / s

Weight grenades, kg: 4,5
Caliber head of the grenade, mm: 64

Photo RPG-29 Vampire

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

Version of the RPG-29 with the machine and opto-electronic sight KPUO

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

The use of the RPG-29 Palestinian militants, 2006 g.

		RPG-29 «A vampire» - rocket-propelled grenade

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