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Submarines Project 636 "Varshavyanka"

		Submarines Project 636 «Varshavyanka»

Diesel-electric "submarine project 877, or "Varshavyanka, better known in the West as the boat type "Kilo", It was developed in the early 1970s. for antiship and antisubmarine Soviet naval bases, shore facilities and the protection of sea lines of communication, as well as a patrol and reconnaissance. These boats average cruising range first built in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the Far East, but for those in Nizhny Novgorod and at the Admiralty Shipyard in Leningrad (now Mr.. St. Petersburg). The first boat was laid down in 1979 g. and handed over to the Navy in 1982 g.

Underwater Boat Project 636 “Varshavyanka” – video

For the Soviet Navy was built 24 boat project 877 "Warszawianka" and the beginning of XXI century 15 were written off, the remaining nine are members of the North, Pacific (three and four, respectively,), Baltic and Black Sea (one by one) fleets. Marine Black Sea fleet was upgraded and was equipped with a water-jet propulsion unit. According to the construction project of the boat 877 – the development of "Catfish" boats with improved hull shape. It can therefore be considered as a basic boat only project in comparison with Western boats of the same period. The Soviet Union made four versions of the boat – the base project 877 877K project with an improved fire control system, 877M project management capabilities with torpedoes on the wire, applicable of two devices, and slightly elongated project 4B with improved diesel, small circulating motor to reduce noise as well as the development of an automatic system for fire control data simultaneously on two targets.

		Submarines Project 636 «Varshavyanka»

Boats were exported to Algeria (two), China (four), India (ten), Iran (three) Poland (one) and Romania (one). Some of these boats were of the type 636 – submarines with advanced propulsion machinery and fire control systems.
FROM 1986 by 2000. India gained 10 project boat 877 "Varshavyanka". Known as the boat type "Sindhugush", the title of the first transmitted boats, they come as part of the 11th submarine squadron (four with basing and Visakhapatnam) and the 10th submarine squadron (six with basing and Mumbai). Five boats armed SLCM ZM54 "Alpha" (SS-N-27) active radar homing, supersonic speed on final flight path and range 180 km (112 miles).
In June 1986 g. Poland received a boat project 877E. The last letter of the project and the title means "export version". A boat, called "Orzel", based in Gdynia.

		Submarines Project 636 «Varshavyanka»

Tactical and technical characteristics of the project boats 636 "Varshavyanka"

above water / underwater, t
2325 / 3076
Length, m 73,8
Width, m 9,9
Draft, m 6,6
Power point two diesel power 2720 kilowatt (3650 hp)
and the electric motor 4400 kilowatt
(5900 hp), one shaft
Speed ​​and cruising range surface speed 10 with, submerged speed 17 with;
11125 km (6915 miles) with a cruising speed in knots.
under the RDP and 740 km (460 miles) underwater
position with a ground speed 3 with.
immersion depth working 240 m
torpedo-tube six 533-mm bow (21-inch) for
18 Torpedo or 24 min, provided
the possibility of using low SAM
radius of action
Crew 52 man

Photo Submarine Project 636 "Varshavyanka"

		Submarines Project 636 «Varshavyanka»

		Submarines Project 636 «Varshavyanka»

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