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AGS-30 – automatic grenade launcher

 AGS-30 - automatic grenade launcher

30-mm antipersonnel automatic grenade launcher AGS-30 (index Grau – 6D25) It is designed to engage manpower and fire weapons, its technology and transport, outside shelters (in open trenches, loshtinah, ravines, on the reverse slopes of heights).

Grenade launcher AGS-30 video

Automatic grenade launcher AGS-30 was developed in the first half of the 1990s in the Tula Instrument Design Bureau as an easier and thus more maneuverable successful replacement grenade launcher AGS-17. New launcher provides the same combat characteristics at significantly lower weight. For the first time a new serial grenade was shown to the public in 1999 year, its serial production is established in the factory Degtyarev in g. carpet. Job automatic grenade launcher AGS-30 is based on the principle of using a free energy shutter recoil effect using vykata.

 AGS-30 - automatic grenade launcher

When fired, propellant gases, acting on the bottom of the sleeve, throw the bolt in the rear position, compressing the return spring. In this case the sleeve comes out of the barrel chamber and ejected from the receiver to the outside; another shot is supplied to the line chambering.

Under the action of the return spring returns the shutter to the front position and the shot in the chamber shall be sent. When nedohode gate in the forward primer occurs breaking shot brisk, placed inside the gate. handling grenade fuse safety is ensured.
Food arms ammunition made from a metal strip nerassypnoy, similar AGS-17 used in grenade launchers. Ribbon fed from the round boxes capacity 29 shots.

 AGS-30 - automatic grenade launcher

apply VOG-17 shots to be fired from a grenade launcher AGS-30, VOG-17M and VOG-30. Shots are loaded with a cartridge in the tape and placed in a cartridge box (from a grenade launcher AGS-17), which is attached to the right side of the receiver. The grenade launcher kit includes three cartridge box and 18 cartridge belts for 10 units each. Shots in running a liner placed in the paper and placed in sealed metal cans for 48 pcs. Two boxes of bullets placed in wooden boxes. On the wall and the box cover and the grenade shall be marked with black paint. Grenades in combat gear painted black.

In the conduct of intense fire is allowed to produce 180 shots, then the barrel must be cooled. stem nareznoy, when overheated it can be replaced quickly to spare. Cooling air trunk. Pouring cooling water allowed.
Unlike its predecessor,, fire controls AGS-30 (two horizontal handles and located on the right handlebar trigger) It is not located on the body of the grenade launcher and the machine-tripod.

 AGS-30 - automatic grenade launcher

Grenade launcher AGS-30 is equipped with mechanical and optical sights. Optical sight PAG-17 2,7 fold increase for the left side of the receiver. It has a grid aiming to direct fire (when shooting a shed used quadrant sight). To improve the optical sight used: in a bright sunny day – neutral density filter, in cloudy weather – to enhance image contrast – orange filter. The sight is stored and transported in the packing case. The iron sight, It includes front sight base with front and rear sights. The front sight can be turned on the axis and take three fixed positions. The figures on the basis of foresight point firing range in the hundreds of meters.

 AGS-30 - automatic grenade launcher

Small dimensions of the complex AGS-30, particular machine design with tilting collapsible legs and having coulters, It provides the ability to quickly change firing position, firing from the window openings and unprepared positions. Large horizontal field of fire allows you to quickly carry fire suddenly appeared on the goal. In the stowed position the machine and grenade compact fold and transferred behind on the belt.

Grenade launcher AGS-30 was adopted by the units of the Russian army and the Interior Ministry, pehotnom variants in the break-Tripod, as well as the different armor, in the tower or remote installations.

 AGS-30 - automatic grenade launcher

The performance characteristics of AGS-30

Constructor: Instrument Design Bureau
designed: 1990-it is
Manufacturer: Degtyarev plant

Caliber AGS-30

– 30-mm

Weight AGS-30

– 16 kg (the body of the grenade launcher with the machine); 13,7 kg (box with weight 30 shots)

Dimensions AGS-30

– Length, mm: 840
– barrel length, mm: 290

Rate of AGS-30

– 390-425 rounds / min

projectile speed AGS-30

– 185 m / s

Sighting range shots shooting: VOG-17M, VOG-30 1700 m; GPD-30 2100 m
shell: 30× 29 mm
shot type: 30-mm VOG-17M, VOG-30, GAP-30 and their modifications
type boepitaniya: box on 30 Garnet
Aim: PAG-17

Photo AGS-30

 AGS-30 - automatic grenade launcher

AGS-30 in the stowed position (left) and a firing position (case)

 AGS-30 - automatic grenade launcher

 AGS-30 - automatic grenade launcher




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