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Turkey announced the development of laser weapons

Turkish company Aselsan announced successful tests LSS laser system, transfers “Warspot” with reference to the portal

Турция заявила о разработке лазерного оружия

install, developed in Turkey, назвали Laser defense system (LSS). According to the developers, the system is designed to destroy small drones, besides LSS may be used as clearance means.

According to the stated characteristics, Range destroy air targets setting LSS is about 500 m, ground targets system operates within 200 meters from the. For the initial system demonstration, Aselsan company installed unit LSS in an armored army jeep, but according to the developers, this laser system can be used on various vehicle platforms, including marine, as well as the set for the protection of stationary objects.

It should be noted, that work in Turkey's combat laser weapons began five years ago,, at 2013 year with the involvement of the company Aselsan and researchers of the University of Bilkent in Ankara. State program provides for the creation of two models of laser weapons. To develop working prototypes of the Turkish Governments have six years.

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