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Top 5 of the world's most powerful PMC

At present time, governments are increasingly resorting to the services of private military companies (PMC), He writes portal seven Russian. Mercenaries used there, where for one reason or another undesirable use of regular armed forces. experts predict, that in future “private owners” will play an increasingly important role in wars and other conflicts. What are PMCs today the largest and most powerful?


Academy (former Blackwater) is an, perhaps, the most famous and largest PMCs in the world. The company was founded in 1997 , the officer “seal” Erik Prince and shooting coach Al Clark. The main profit - more 90 percent - PMC receives from government contracts: execution of combat missions, support of high-ranking officials, etc..

The number of employees exceeds the Academi 20 thousands of people. Of these, about 2,3 thousands - professional mercenaries, in active service, and the rest - the reservists.

ТОП-5 самых мощных ЧВК мира

can say, that Academi - a complete army, because in addition to ground units private military company has its own aviation (helicopters, transport aircraft) and even its own military-industrial complex (Production bronevykov).

PMC has gained fame as a member of all conflicts, in which, since the late 1990s, We have been engaging the United States. So, after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq Academi became involved in training units of the army and law enforcement agencies.

PMC mired war crimes. So, in September 2007 , its employees shot 17 Iraqi civilians. mercenaries seemed, that they deliberately interfere with the movement of the US diplomatic convoy. The investigation revealed, that members of the organization 2005 We have participated in more than 200 shootings, often opening fire on a defeat without a valid reason.

Military Professional Resources Incorporated (MPRI)

Most of the large modern private military companies come from the United States. In addition to Academi another important American PMCs MPRI is headquartered in Virginia. The organization was founded in 1987 year. The composition of the company is very solid: among others, it includes more than 300 former generals of the United States Army.

In addition to the US government, MPRI is not shy about taking orders from other states. The company's net profit is estimated to be 150 billions of dollars. Experts attribute the increase in incomes of the organization with military contacts, related to the fighting in the Middle East and Afghanistan. They PMCs, under the gun for which is not less than three thousand fighters, directly involved.

ТОП-5 самых мощных ЧВК мира

Besides, according to a former army lieutenant colonel France Patrick Barrio, MPRI has received an order from the Pentagon to train the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army - the radical Albanian organization, whose members have repeatedly been accused of trafficking in human organs. Also, employees of PMCs trained to NATO standards Georgia's armed forces.


This is one of the oldest private military companies, which traces its history from the distant 1946 of the year. Successful PMC is even then, when Academi and other contemporary leaders “military consulting” It was not in the plans. By the mid-1970s DynCorp swallowed 19 companies, her income was 300 millions of dollars, and 1994 He was exceeded 2,4 billion. At the same time the number of employees increased to 24 thousands of people.

Today, annual revenue has exceeded three billion dollars. PMCs work in the field of air operations (cover and exploration), and also provides training security forces and providing security services.

ТОП-5 самых мощных ЧВК мира

Not break the DynCorp activities and scandals. In the late '90s and early' zero years its employees were accused of pedophilia and trafficking of young girls in Bosnia and Herzegovina. figures of crimes were dismissed from PMC, However, criminal liability none of them have not suffered.

Aegis Defense Services

British PMC provides services primarily for the US government and the United Nations (UN Officials). Action Theater is still the same: Near East (hostilities, as well as the exploration and protection of oil and gas fields), Afghanistan, as well as some African countries. Aegis has five thousand people.

AT 2005 was a major scandal erupted around the PMC. British television channel Channel 4 showed video, where a PMC employees fired on Iraqi civilians machines, who went on to overtake the convoy Aegis. His guilt did not recognize the company.

ТОП-5 самых мощных ЧВК мира

Among other things,, PMC has provided security in Iraqi cities. And in 2011 She was awarded the contract for 497 millions of dollars from the US government. The task - to protect the members of the US government during their visit to Afghanistan.

FDG Corp.

founded in 1996 year, US Marines Andre Rodriguez. Mainly engaged in combat operations against pirates in Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden, as well as in the Gaza Strip and Afghanistan.

ТОП-5 самых мощных ЧВК мира

Employees of PMCs fought on the side of the Somali government, provided assistance in mine clearance and ordnance disposal combat waste. The pride of the company is an elite unit of combat swimmers.

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