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Navy Finland get guns "Bofors 40" Mk.4 for "Hamina" boats

The company BAE Systems announced, that the contract with the Finnish company Patria will deliver 40-mm naval guns "Bofors 40" Mk.4 to equip rocket class "Hamina" boats, According TSAMTO.

ВМС Финляндии получит артиллерийские установки «Бофорс-40» Mk.4 для катеров «Хамина» Hamina-type missile boats

BAE Systems has a long history of cooperation with Finland, supplying weapon systems for the Navy, and for the Army.

As the representative of the company, "Finland is the third country, who chose AU “Bofors 40” Mk.4, reflecting growing interest in the system by states, seeking flexibility, which provides this 40-mm naval gun mount, designed for firing different types of ammunition ".

According to him, in modern conditions "ships must carry out the tasks in the different levels of conflict and to enhance their survivability requires a flexible weapon system, like “Bofors 40” Mk4 ». The system allows you to hit the air, naval and ground targets.

reported, that the weight of a compact tower installation does not exceed 2,5 t, rate - 300 rds. / min., guidance range of angles vertically - -20/+80 city., shooting range - 12,5 km, munition initial velocity - 1012 m / s, survivability of the trunk - 5000 shots. Guidance drives borrowed from the gun, BBM installed on CV-9040, and adapted for use on the sea.

Optionally, the installation can be equipped with a TV camera, Radar measuring the muzzle velocity of ammunition.

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